Chitose Fujinomiya

A very uptight girl with long blonde hair that is kept back with a hair band, shes very worrisome that all the students of Shin-Inaka no Chugakko (Wapiko especially) will cause her new formed school to become lower than Tokai no Gakuen and will be made fun of by Yurika. She is very arrogant and vain to the point where she is unable to escape from a burning building due to her belief that she was raised as a high class girl, and that she as not as tough as all the country students of Shin-Inaka no Chugakko, (who had all escaped form the building except Wapiko due to her trying to get Chitose to escape) as well as trying to frequently ban all normal customs of the school to enforce a more "proper" custom, such as a Tea Ceremony Club, but ultimately fails, due to her plans usually Back firing. She is the president of Shin-Inaka No Chugakko.

Voice Actors:

She played Minako's Daughter in The Aristocats (Duchess Style)

She played Misty in Pokemon (161Movies Style)

She played Melody in The Little Aino 2: Return to the Sea

She played ???/Sailor ??? in Sailor Venus (Chris1988 Style) (VIZ)

She played Verity in Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You (1701Movies Human Style)



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