Astrid Hofferson and Hiro Hamada kiss

Mariah Wong and Sherman kiss

Sora Takenouchi and Mowgli kiss

Amy Rose and Arnold Shortman kiss

Dawn and Richard Tyler kiss

Molly Cunninghmam and Dale kiss

Shanti and Yankee Irving kiss

Nina Lopez and Dash Parr kiss

Alice and Ash Ketchum kiss

Nala and Kit Cloudkicker kiss

Zelda and Sonic the Hedgehog kiss

Roxas And Thumbelina kiss

Sora and Selphie kiss

Bart Simpson and Debbie Hyman kiss

Christopher Robin And Princess Aurora kiss

Tommy Pickles and Leela kiss

Robin and Terra kiss

Robin Snyder and Mac Vaughn kiss

Drew McCormick/the Blue Stinger BeetleBorg and Heather Katzenberg kiss

Lincoln Loud and Janey Powell kiss

 Timmy Turner and Ronnie Anne Santiago kiss

Lady and Thomas kiss

Tigress and Alex the Lion kiss

Bonnie Anderson and Russell Glover kiss

Sid Chang and Jimmy Neutron kiss

Leslie Burke and Jess Aarons kiss

Female Version

June Bailey and Miguel Rivera kiss

Nina Lopez and Phil DeVille kiss

Lisa Simpson and Chet Zipper kiss

Ronnie Anne Santiago and Tommy Pickles kiss

Susie Carmichael and Lincoln Loud kiss 

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