Pixar’s Movies Spoof of 1992 Disney film "Aladdin"


Aladdin/Prince Ali - Chris Rock(The Chris Rock Show)

Princess Jasmine -Paige Duggar(Anderson LaRosa’s)(Class Of 2020 West Clermont)

Genie - Barry Manilow

Abu - Stuart Little(Stuart Little Trilogy)

Rajah- Balto(Balto Trilogy)

Sultan -Mr. Joe Clark(Lean On Me)

Jafar - Lord Farquaad(Shrek)

Iago - Alvin Seville(Alvin And The Chipmunks)(Live Action)

Gazeem the Thief - Shere Khan(The Jungle Book)

Razoul - Carface(All Dogs Go To Heaven)

Razoul's Guards - Carfaces’ Thugs(All Dogs Go To Heaven)

Prince Achmed - Gary “Eggsy” Unwin(Kingsman Series)

Old Man Jafar - Old Man(Spongebob)

Magic Carpet - Pegasus(Hercules)

The Cave of Wonders - Itself

Dog Genie - JB(Kingsman Series)

Rabbit Genie - Hocus Pocus(Frosty The Snowman)

Dragon Genie - Dragon(Shrek)

Sheep Genie - Fred The Reindeer( Illumination: The Grinch)(2018)

Old Man Genie - Merlin(The Sword In The Stone)

Camel Abu - Joshua(The Little Drummer Boy)(1968)

Horse Abu - Sampson(Sleeping Beauty)

Duck Abu - Daffy Duck(Looney Tunes)

Turtle Abu - Toby Turtle(Robin Hood)

Ostrich Abu-Ostrich(Madagascar)

Car Abu - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Elephant Abu - Meena(Sing)

Little Boy Genie - Scottie Smalls(The Sandlot)

Leopard Genie - Sabor(Tarzan)

Goat Genie - Stitch(Lilo And Stitch)

Harem Genie - Esmeralda(The Hunchback Of Notre Dame)

Fat Man Genie - Homer Simpson(The Simpsons)

Teacher Genie - Mrs. Puff(Spongebob Squarepants)

Bee Genie - Barry B. Benson(Bee Movie)

Submarine Genie - Tod(The Fox And The Hound)

One of Flamingos-Ostriches(Madagascar)

Gigantic Genie -Willie The Giant(Mickey And The Beanstalk)

Cub Rajah - Young Aleu(Balto Wolf Quest)

Toy Abu - Fievel Mousekewitz(An American Tail)

Snake Jafar - Kaa(The Jungle Book)

Cheerleader Genies - Kara Pflum, Kasey Yelton, Takia Johnson, and Darcy Fahey(Fifth Third Bank)

Genie Jafar - Morgana(The Little Mermaid II: Return To The Sea)

Two Hungry Children-Young Gracie Hart(Miss Congeniality) and James Henry Trotter(James And The Giant Peach)

Three Balcony Harem Girls-Sydney Bokovoy, Hailey Friday, and Erin Hunter(Project SEARCH Fifth Third Bank)

Three Balcony Harem Girls’ Mother-Angela Kenney(Project SEARCH Fifth Third Bank)

Ladies laughing at Aladdin-Amanda Johnson, Alicia Hawkins, and Tasha Rollins(Fifth Third Bank)

Peddler-Peter Pan(Peter Pan)(1953)

Necklace Man And Woman-Peter Donahue and Christina Walters(The Sweetest Thing)

Woman At The Window- Molly Jensen(Ghost)

Fat Ugly Lady-Ariel(The Little Mermaid)

Pot Seller - Marty McFly(Back To The Future)

Nut Seller - Thomas O’Malley(The Aristocats)

Necklace Seller - Lord Rothbart(The Swan Princess)

Fish Seller-Buster Moon(Sing)

Fire Eater - Ben Bollman(Project SEARCH Fifth Third Bank)

Boy wanting an apple - Alan(Dear John)

Farouk; Apple Seller - Diego(Ice Age)

Table Lamp Genie-Charles Wallace Murry(A Wrinkle In Time)(2018)

95 White Persian Monkeys - Monkeys(Fantasia 2000)

60 Elephants - Elephants(The Lion King)

Llamas - Giraffes(Madagascar)

Bears and Lions - Bears(Fun And Fancy Free) and Lions(The Lion King)

Brass Bands - Jig Sailing Dancers(The Little Mermaid)

Genie as Rodney Dangerfield - Johnny(Sing)

75 Golden Camels - Camels in Parade (Dumbo)

Genie as TV Parade Host Harry - Ferris Bueller(Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

53 Purple Peacocks - Pelicans (The Princess and the Frog)

Genie as TV Parade Host June - Polly Prince(Along Came Polly)

Exotic-Type Mammals - Gorilla and Hippopotamus in Parade (Dumbo)

Super Spy Genie-Timmy Turner(The Fairly OddParents)

Two Men watching Prince Achmed - Harry Hary and Merlin(Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle)

Omar; Melon Seller - Cobra Bubbles(Lilo And Stitch)

Chimney Sweepers(Mary Poppins)as 40 Fakirs

Various Men in musicals and movies as Cooks and Bakers

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