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Ciel Kirahoshi is one of the six main characters of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode. She is known as the "Genius Pâtissière" who had been working in Paris, France before paying a visit to Ichigozaka for a special demonstration.

Her original form is a fairy named Kirarin. Ciel's alter ego is Cure Parfait, known as the Pretty Cure of Dreams and Hope and she has a parfait and pegasus theme.

Her catchphrases are "Bonjour!", which is French for "Hello" and "Très Bien!", which is French for "Very good".


Sweet, lively and generous, Ciel/Kirarin is said to be a genius patissière who wishes to make others happy through the sweets she makes. She is extremely diligent and always sought for improvement as shown during her time as an apprentice in her fairy form, and her efforts paid off as she acquired the ability to transform into a human, which she goes under the name of Ciel.

However, success soon blinded her, and she began to neglect her brother Pikario, which led to their estrangement. She was truly overwhelmed by her guilt and self-hatred of not understanding him as Ichika does, which turned out to be her fatal weakness and begot to the loss of her dream after Noir thieved her Kirakirarus, but fortunately, she then overcame her sadness after tasting one of her brother's failed waffles and learned to understand her brother Pikario with a deeper comprehension.

Anyway, Ciel is a caring and a goodhearted girl who not only cares for her brother and friends but also her enemies. For example, she treats with kindness Bibury during her encounters with the latter and even rescuing the latter courageously.