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Cindy Bear is Yogi's girlfriend from Yogi Bear and Miss Keane's best friend from the Powerpuff Girls.

She played Helen Parr/Elastigirl in The Incredibles (CityMaker Style)

She played Chicha in The Cat's New Groove

She played Jane Porter in Yogizan

She played Duchess in The Aristobears

She played Tiger Lily in Yogi Pan (TheCityMaker Style)

She played Sophie in Rebeccastasia

She played Candy Kong in Yogi Bear Country

She played Marie in The Bear Prince

She played Mrs. Rabbit (Serena) in The Seventh Brother (CarltonHeroes Style) and Tiny Heroes (CarltonHeroes Style)

She played Kayley in Quest for Camelot (TheMichaelCityMaker Style)

She played Princess Minnie in Yogi, Quick Draw, Magilla: The Three Musketeers

She played Swan Odette in The Bear Princess

She played Adult Nala in The Bear King

She played Barbera Pewterschmidt in Canal Famille Guy

She played Palermo in Pokemon XY (400Movies Animal Style)

She played Aunt Cass in Big Hero 6 (AbananzerGoode485 Style)

She played Anna in Frozen (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)

She played Abigail Callaghan in Big Hero 6 (PaddingtonandFernRockz Style)

She played Eleanor Miller in Baloo and the Bears (1983)

She played Alice in Cindy In Wonderland

She played Clarabelle Cow in The Cat in the Hat, Alex and Yogi: The Three Musketeers

She is a cow


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