Clarisse (The Blackwood Ghoul School)

Clarisse (The Blackwood Ghoul School).png

Clarisse is the mummy's daughter in The Blackwood Ghoul School.

Voice Actors:

  1. Trish Van Devere - English


Slender, white mummy, blue eyes, pink bow, and bandage curly ponytail.


Because she is so young, Clarisse has a childlike personality, and is usually a very happy girl. As the youngest ghoul, she has the most innocent mindset, as shown by her habit of sucking her thumb.


  • It's like she knows what's planning up to.
  • I like the good team, Daniel.
  • Hey, Creep! Watch this! (she throws a water balloon to the Creeping Poison Bush.)
  • (Sam Spacebot: Clarisse! Help!) Take it easy, Sam. That's not dangerous at all. I'm here to help you to disguise. (Sam Spacebot: Really?) (She holding the bandage ball and the mop to Sam) Do hurry, Sam. Fool the mirror monster. (Sam Spacebot: As you wish.)


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