Claudette is a character from Alpha & Omega 2. She is the firstborn Daughter of Humphrey & Kate.


As Melody In The Little Mer-Wolf 2: Return to the Sea

She is a girl/MerGirl

As Young Vitani in The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

As Hen-Wen In The Black Cauldron (Prince Balto Pet Style)

She is a pig

as Geno in Bambi

She is a baby deer



Alpha & Omega 2: A Roar-iday Adventure- Played by Cub Tigress


  • Father-Humphrey
  • Mother-Kate
  • Brothers-Stinky and Runt
  • Aunt-Lilly
  • Uncle-Garth
  • Grandfather-Winston
  • Grandmother-Eve
  • Grandfather in Law - Tony
  • Best Friends-Brent and Agnes
  • Boyfriend-Fleet
  • Husband - Adagio
  • Son - Joey
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