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Claude is the main villain of The Chipmunk Adventure.

She played Domino in Pokemon Mewtwo Returns (Chris1986 Style)

She played Ursula in Dinosaur King (397Movies Human Style)

She played Zoycite in Sailor Brittany and Sailor Brittany (VIZ)

She played Cassidy in Pokemon (1986Movies Style)

She played Lenoir (Human) in Alvin Doo on Zombie Island

She played Jessie in Pokemon (1961Movies Style)

She played Icy in Winx Club (1701Movies Human Style)

She played Berthier In Sailor moon for 400Movie

She played Aunt Pristine Figg in Tom and Alvin the Movie and Nezumi-Otoko/Rat Man and Kitaro: The Movie.

She played Miss Amira Gulch in The Wizard of Oz (Duchess Human Style) and The Wizard of Oz (TR22P Style)

She played The Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz (397Movies Style)

She played Ursula In The Little Sena

She is Ariel's enemy and a Fat Ugly Sea Witch

She played Cruella De Ville In 101 Dogs (170Movies Style)

She played Herself In The Trainer Adventure

she is herself



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