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Claudio Jiminez (born 1987) is a former ZOOMer from the show's 2nd season of the 1999 revived version of PBS show "ZOOM".

Hey! I'm Claudio.

I'm funny and outgoing but sometimes quiet. When I'm not on the ZOOM set, I'm pretty busy doing lots of things. I do a little bit of everything, in fact! I spend most of my time during the summers just having fun.It's hard to decide what my favorite ZOOMactivities are, so I'll just say all of them! I think Cafe ZOOM treats are tasty and the ZOOMsci activities are cool. As for the ZOOM web site, it's just fun to surf all of the pages for cool Zmail, challenges and games. My favorite ZOOM memories? You guessed it -- everything! Mistaken one too many times for the Pillsbury Dough Boy, Claudio quit the Zoom cast after the director poked him in the stomach. The director apparently drunk (hey, you can't blame the man...imagine sitting around day after day after day after day directing a bunch of talentless little punks who will probably end up living in the gutter if they're LUCKY to smile and say "cool" and "awesome" a whole lot...yeah, you'd be getting drunk too!) said "Hey chubs! Get over here so I can poke your rolls!" Claudio grew enraged and walked off the set to never return again. It wasn't a big loss however. The casting director was planning to can his chubby tush anyway for the next season's taping. Oh well Claudio, see you in the Big and Short Shop! I don't really think that being on ZOOM has changed me, and people don't really treat me any differently because I was a ZOOMer. In twenty years, I think I'll look back on my ZOOM experience and just feel happy! And to all the ZOOMers out there: I'd just like to say, "Don't be a fool! Stay in school!"