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Clifford is a big giant red dog and T-Bone and Cleo's best friend.

Clifford played Max in The Little Pinky

He is a sheepdog

Clifford played Adult Simba in The Clifford King, The Red Dog King, and The Big Red Dog King

He is a lion

Clifford played Hercules in Cliffordcules

He is a hero

Clifford played the Peddler in Scoobyladdin

He is a peddler

Clifford played Toby in The Great Tai Chi Chaser Detective

He is Basil's dog

Clifford played Winnie the Pooh The Many Adventures of Clifford the Big Red Dog, The Tinky Winky Movie, Clifford (Winnie the Pooh), My Friends, Tinky Winky and Clifford

He is a bear

As Spike in The Land Before Time (Otto Gameplays13 version)

He is a hatchling stegosaurus.

As Barkley in Parody Street

He is a dog

As Sven in Frozen (Broadwaygirl918 Style)

He is a reindeer

Voice Actors:

  1. John Ritter - English (US)
  2. Tom Eastwood - English (UK)


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