Cloezzy Long Hair

Cloezzy Long Hair

Cloezzy Long Hair is The Long Hair In Caillou and Dora In Lalaloopsy Land, She has Yellow with Green hair that you can braid, brush and ponytail!

Cloe Is The Oldest Sister of little Cleopunzel.

Contents[hide] Information Personality of Cloezzy  What Cloezzy looks like Cloezzy's Pet Cloezzy's Home Cloezzy's Other animation Guess What! InformationEdit Sewn On: Nov. 28

Sewn From: Rapunzel's Hair

Personality of CloeEdit Cloezzy loves to brush her hair! Her pet chamelion helps her!

What Cloezzy looks likeEdit Hair Color: Yellow with Green hair that's SUPER long.

What she wears: A long green sleeve and red dress and a blue jeans and a Rose Hairclip .

Her sewn on pattern on her dress: Orange under

Other things on her dress: Gold sides

Cloe's PetEdit Her pet is a cute green chamelion.

Cloe's HomeEdit Roof: Red bricks

Wall Color: Gold

Cloe's Other AnimationEdit Cloezzy's Long Hair Full Sized Doll Cloezzy's Long Hair Mini Cloepunzel's Long Hair Loopy Hair Guess What!Edit Cloepunzel has Yellow Hair. She did not has a chance from her. Sasha accidently cuts everywhere. On the TV show, Her hair is still yellow. She has a Loopy Hair Doll; even if she ALREADY has doll hair. Her Loopy Hair has super long hair! She will part of the Loopsy Princesses Line coming 2014.

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