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Clover is a female lemur In All Hail King Julien who is Captain of the Ring-Tail Guard and tasked with protecting the king. She is always eager to put her skills to the test, maybe too eager.


  • Nickname: Clo-Clo, Mango-Painting-Loser (disguise name)
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Crowned Lemur (Eulemur coronatus)
  • Age: Young adulthood
  • Birth: Madagascar
  • Personality: Highly-skilled, stoic, battle-ready, powerful, slick, sly, intimidating, paranoid, crazy, quick-witted, fun-loving, sarcastic, hot-tempered, impatient (formerly), intimidating, violent, patient (currently), kind, compassionate
  • Appearance: Orangish brown fur with a brown spot on the head all the way to the backside, white face, chest, and underbelly, green eyes with dark eyelids, grayish snout with a black nose on it, black hands and feet
  • Alignment: Good
  • Goal: To protect King Julien from the dangers
  • Family: Crimson (twin sister), Grandma Rose (grandmother, deceased), Grandpa Rose (grandfather, deceased), Sage Moondancer (husband), Koto (brother in-law, deceased), Unnamed mother (deceased), Unnamed father (deceased)
  • Special Talents: Martial arts, finding things, special operations, biting people to death
  • Occupation: Bodyguard, special ops specialist, commander, royal adviser (formerly), Queen of the Mountain Lemurs (currently)
  • Friends and Allies: King Julien, Maurice, Mort, Ted, Dorothy, Willie, Pancho, Horst, Xixi, Masikura, Timo, Todd, Tammy, Butterfish, Crocodile AmbassadorBrodney, Fred the Giant Scorpion, Jarsh-Jarsh, the other lemurs in the kingdom
  • Enemies: Karl, Chauncey, Koto, Uncle Julien, Abner, Becca, Wigman Wildebeest, Foosas, Mary Ann, Karen, the Rats (formerly), Magic SteveDoc Sugarfoot, Captain Ethan, the Butterfly Queen, Pam Simonsworthington, the Mountain Lemurs (formerly)
  • Likes: Rules, fighting, weapons, fun, her job, writing speculative fanfictions, peace
  • Dislikes: Her king in trouble, her rivalry between Crimson (sometimes), games, cheating, the way Sage speaks
  • Powers and Abilities: Punch and kick her enemies endangering the kingdom, biting victims to death
  • Weaknesses: Booty Doodles
  • Fate: She marries Sage Moondancer and is currently living in the Mountain Lemur kingdom
  • Resides in: Her hut in Madagascar (formerly), Mountain Lemur Kingdom (currently)
  • Status: Alive
  • Favorite Food: Mangos, other fruits, leaves, bark, flowers, Booty Doodles (formerly)
  • Favorite Drink: Water that comes from leaves
  • Favorite Song: "Tears of the Warrior"
  • Catchphrase: "On it!"


Not much is known about Clover before the events of All Hail King Julien. She was Uncle King Julien's bodyguard before he abdicated and gave the crown to his nephew, King Julien. When she was Uncle King Julien's bodyguard, she wasn't free to implement many ideas, and was even forbidden from speaking unless if spoken to, since "her paranoia gave him gas". When King Julien was crowned she was guarding his party. When she was fighting the fossa, she was given a concussion by a stampede of them. When the King came back, Masikura told them The Prophecy of the Eaten King. King Julien was told to come up with a plan had come up with a plan. The king said that they should repopulate to avoid his death. He said that Clover was with him and Maurice was to be with Masikura. They all shook their heads in disgust. The king then asked them if they were sure. They all reassured him that they had no interest in repopulating with each other. King Julien then accepted his fate, causing Clover to do her job to go with him. Since she had a head injury she was to stay in the kingdom under Masikura's watch. She was then appointed the leader of the Ringtail Guard and was elated.

She was appointed as the captain of the Ringtail Guard by King Julien after he saw her bravery in trying to protect him and the kingdom, and when she volunteered to follow him to the foosas' place when he was going to save his people.

It's unknown what became of Clover or what she thought once King Julien, Maurice and Mort left Madagascar to travel with the gang. Though it can be assumed that she still lives with her husband Sage as the queen of the Mountain Lemurs. Clover wasn't the favorite child but she was the one who her parents were most proud of. She was forbidden to learn fighting but her Grandma supported her before Clover watched her grandma be murdered by a wildebeest in a back alley brawl as relived in the Eye of the Clover. Clover was then sent to a military academy where she had her P.R.O.M, which is an acronym at her school for pugilistic ruckus of mayhem. After she graduated as valedictorian the military school she worked for King Julien XII, she was forbidden to speak unless it was an emergency because he paranoia gave King Julien the Twelfth gas. She watched as she brainwashed people into the footstool program by mind-wiping, training, making them take improv lessons, and scrub him down when he was bathing. Clover's job was the worst when she watched the lemurs(except for one) of the Footstool Program get into a hut and then watch King Julien XII push the house off a cliff.


Clover is a highly professional bodyguard. At first, she is stoic and entirely focused on her job, but she slowly starts to become more inclined to have fun through her newer king's reign. She is always battle ready when King Julien or one of her fellow lemurs is in danger from an outside force such as the fossa.

Despite her goal in protection, however, she herself can often be the source of danger regarding the lower class due to her excessive paranoia. Since she is battle ready she always attacks someone. For example: on Valentines Day, she punched someone for asking her for a dance her excuse: "Step inside the circle of comfort you get the paw.” On New Years, she punched a lemur who cheered “Happy New Year!” She attacked Pancho at his wedding thinking he had a knife when all he was going to do was cut his wedding cake. She is also bad at comforting people when she pointed out to Dorothy about her hut burning down, only to punch her out of embarrassment. But this all changed in Return of the Uncle King where she accepts having fun over fear, thanks to King Julien and Mort. Overall, she is ho- tempered, impatient, intimidating, paranoid, and violent.

During the battle against King Koto, Clover learns to be patient, kind, and compassionate when she and Sage train with Jarsh-Jarsh. When Sage tries to kill Koto, Clover's teachings convince Sage to spare Koto, since he actually wants to die since his empire has fallen.


Clover claims to have gotten her skills by graduating at the top of her class at a military academy. Her vigorous training obviously includes skills such as hand-to-hand combat as she is able to knock out a Foosa with just one punch. She has trained for various situations of lockdowns in case of a riot against the king. She is a very skilled investigator and also a very skilled interrogator. She is likely also skilled in torture, which she puts to use in many episodes. Clover has a high mathematical inclination, being able to calculate just how fast she had to run to launch herself and land on the treetop, and subsequently launch herself up in the air so she could save her king. Clover is very tenacious, as shown in her investigation where she worked on for two days without sleep. She has also mastered the art of dental combat and explains that she knows how to kill in forty-five different ways with just her teeth.

Another skill is that she knows how to set up military checkpoints. Clover is also very capable in training people with certain skills she knows, as she was able to train Mort so that he could aid her in searching anyone who wanted to speak the king. Another very useful skill of her is that she knows the right way to address people for certain situation. For example, when Clover recruited Mort to follow King Julien around to make sure he was safe she made sure that she used a kinder voice so that she did not spook the innocent lemur. She also has great hearing skills as she was able to hear Uncle King Julien when he tried to quietly raise his club to knock her out. Clover is able to knock out Uncle King Julien with a punch without even looking behind. She is able to improvise quite well, being able to fashion a tight rope out of some vines and was able to tie up Uncle King Julien with it. She also has a lot of knowledge of the materials present in the kingdom. When Clover examined the rope that was used to tie King Julien to a balloon she quickly was able to deduce that it was outlandish in a matter of seconds.


  • King Julien XIII - Her relation to the current king seems to be completely mirrored of the previous one despite initially not adjusting to his reign (until she saw the value in fun over fear through Mort), in terms of the younger King Julien XIII allowing her to influence him in a much positive light and being open to her suggestions whereas the previous one wouldn't, despite it potentially being extreme at times. King Julien was also capable of being able to quickly recognize her bravery in the first episode and immediately promoted her to Commander as a result, much to her joy. It is also hinted throughout that she may be harboring romantic feelings for the younger king, such examples being how she does not mind King Julien being close to her, or even wrapping his arm around her when she punches almost literally anyone else who does that; and in "Crimson and Clover"when she displayed great jealousy towards her twin sister Crimson when she was set to marry King Julien (even to the point of almost going berserk on Maurice for pointing out her assumed jealousy). She would later harshly dismiss King Julien when he teased her about it at the end of the episode. In Get Off My Lawn, Clover snaps out of her calm feeling when she sees King Julien getting attacked by scorpions, and immediately annihilates almost all the scorpions in the kingdom.
  • Sage - Clover and Sage are absolute polar opposites. While Clover is hot-blooded, paranoiac, fighting, frequently stressed and violent, Sage is calm, patient, cool-blooded and wise. When Clover first met Sage, she immediately idealized him as the perfect male of her dreams and falls in love with him. Yet, Clover starts to be annoyed by his calmness and ignorance, to the point that she yells her expectations from him being tough, reactive and charismatic before to break up. Somehow, they appear to watch each other as friends and meet each other when needed. While Sage was giving Clover solutions in his way, Clover seems to take more interest in it to stay herself and finally end up to follow his steps after she left the musical group and to find the Jarsh-Jarsh. As they finally come to understand and accept each other's way to see and act after a change of body, Clover learnt the power of wise while Sage learnt to be himself and fight. After Koto's death, Clover and Sage made their minds about their adventure together and the meaning of this, then tried to kiss each other before their departures, only to be interrupted by the shared kisses of Zora and Mort. Three weeks later, they appear swinging happily hand in hand with vines at the moonlight. In The End is Near, Clover was proposed to by Sage and they were married in The End is Here.
  • Mort - Mort and Clover have a pretty good relationship, and it is stated by Mort that they are friends. Despite Mort sometimes being scared of her, he still is very fond of her and looks up to her. Once when he was coaxed by her for information, he helped Clover catch the culprits who were illicitly selling copies of King Julien's line of diapers, who turned out to be Ted and Dorothy.
  • Ted - Ted is Clover's assistant captain of the Ringtail guard, and he once replaced her as King Julien's bodyguard when Clover was forced to take a vacation. Ted however repeatedly proves to be a bad security detail - while he will somewhat show bravery, he is very poor at fighting and confrontation. In All Hail King Julien: Exiled, Ted becomes braver and better at fighting and manages to impress Clover as he saves her from the Mountain Lemurs. Not much positive interaction is shown between Ted and Clover, such as when she punched him in the stomach when he pointed out that her ride left without her, and such as all the times she was disgusted or annoyed with him.
  • Crimson - Clover and Crimson have a sort of sister rivalry going on, which only increases when Crimson becomes engaged to King Julien. Clover considers Crimson careless and selfish and claims "she leaves a trail of destruction everywhere she goes." Though it's unknown how their rivalry started, it's hinted that it's been going on for some time.

Voice Actresses

  1. India de Beaufort - English
  2. Anita Alvarez Jimenez - Spanish
  3. Karina Altamirano - Mexican
  4. Melanie Hinze - German
  5. Jessica Monceau - French
  6. Agnieszka Kunikowska - Polish
  7. Marlene Tabart - Danish
  8. Katia Sorrentino - Italian
  9. Sarah M. Berge - Norwegian
  10. Marcela Duarte - Portuguese
  11. Susa Saukko - Finnish
  12. Renee Van Wegberg - Dutch

Parody Appearances

  • Chel - The Road to El Dorado
  • Ranger Tabes - We Bare Bears
  • Bianca - The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under
  • Mavis - Hotel Transylvania
  • Crysta - Ferngully: The Last Rainforest
  • Chel - The Road to El Dorado
  • Dulcinea - The Adventures of Puss in Boots
  • Korra - Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Rain - Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron
  • Malina - The Emperor's New School
  • Nita (human or bear) - Brother Bear 2
  • Kate - Alpha and Omega
  • Maisie or Tinselina - The Brave Little Toaster franchise
  • Kira - The Dark Crystal
  • Brandy, Lola Boa, Margo, or Cheryl and Meryl - Brandy & Mr. Whiskers
  • Marina - The Pebble and the Penguin
  • Wanda - The Queen's Corgis
  • Yi - Abominable

Clover Played Megara in King Juliencules

She Works For Hades

Clover Played Ogre Fiona in Bing Bong (Shrek) and Mr nervous (sherk)

She Is a Ogre wife

Clover Played Bo Peep in Talking Animals Story

She Is Bo Peep

Clover Played Sandy Cheeks in Bing Bong (SpongeBob Squarepants)

She Is A Squirrel

Clover Played Beulah in The Wreck-It Ralph Movie

She's an animatronic possum

Clover Played Ma Meerkat in The Bobcat King 1 1/2

She's a mother meerkat

Clover Played Bulda in Frozen (Princess Duchess Animal Style)

She's a troll

Clover Played Miss Kitty in An Einstein Tail: Quincy Goes West and Quincy's Einstein Tails

She's a cat

Clover Played Esmeralda in The Chesnut Quill of Notre Dame

She is a gypsy girl

Clover Played Lori Loud in The Comedy House

She is the oldest sister

Clover Played Greta in Tadashi Hamada (Ferdinand)

She is a mare

Clover Played The White Rose in Disgust in Wonderland (CartoonCharacterzRock Style)

She is a white flower

Clover Played Kaitlyn Gellar in Camp Rock (CartoonCharacterzRock Style) and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (CartoonCharacterzRock Style)

She is a teenage girl

Clover Played Isa in Madagascar/Dora the Explorer and Lyra the Explorer

She's an iguana

Clover Played Fa Mulan in Cloverlan

She is a Chinese maiden dressing up like a man

Clover Played Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun in Wreck-It Sweetums

She is a dynamite gal

Clover Played Backpack in Huggy the Explorer

She is a backpack

Clover Played Cinderella in Cloverella

She is a maid who became a princess

Clover Played Alice in Clover in Wonderland (KingJulienRulez Version)

She is a daughter

Clover Played Tiger Lily in King Julien Pan

She is an Indian

Clover Played Candace Flynn in Gonzo and Rizzo

She is Phinea's teenage sister, Ferb's stepsister, Stacy Hirano's best friend, and Jeremy Johnson's love interest

Clover Played Ariel in The Little Lemur

She is a mermaid

Clover Played Belle in Beauty and the Night Creature

She is a French maiden/princess

Clover Played Princess Jasmine in Sageladdin

She is an Arabian princess

Clover Played Princess Atta in A Madagascar Animal's Life

She is an ant

Clover Played Tantor's Mother in Shinjizan

She is a mother elephant

Clover Played Jane Porter in King Julienzan and King Julienzan and Clover

She is Tarzan's girlfriend

Clover Played Lin in Spirited Away (King Julien Style)

She is a Yuna worker

Clover Played Princess Aurora in Sleeping Clover

She is a Brier Rose

Clover Played Misty the Llama in The Kingdom's New Groove

She is Pacha's llama

Clover Played Barbie in Dylan's Creature Story

She is a Barbie doll

Clover Played Frog Tiana in The Princess and the Lemur (KingJulienRulez Verison)

She is a frog

Clover Played Lady Monkey in The Animated Cartoon Book (BeautifulandWonderful Style)

She is a female monkey

Clover Played Mimi in Pokémon (kenzcoolz style)

She is a Pokemon trainer

Clover Played Auntie Shrew in The Secret of NIMH (Davidchannel Animal Style)

She is a babysitting shrew

Clover Played Celia Mae in Wild Animals, Inc. (Chris2003 Style)

She is a purple one-eyed monster with snakes for hair

Clover Played Colleen in Road Lemurs

She is a collie

Clover Played Judy Hopps in Jungletopia

She is a rabbit

Clover Played Diane in Poppet (Unikitty)

She is a citizen of Unikingdom

Clover Played Giggles McDimples in Toon Story (DevonChrome Style)

She is a miniature plastic doll

Clover Played Elmo in Sesame Street (All Mixed Up Version) and Clover's World

She is a 3 1/2 year old red monster

Clover Played Curly Bear in Sesame Street (Cartoon and Disney Style)

She is a bear cub

Clover Played Mama Bear in Sesame Street (TheCityMaker)

She is a brown bear

Clover Played Grizzy in The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland (DreamWorks Version)

She is a Grouch

Clover Played Taylor Holbrook in Cartoon Characters University

She is a member of the PNK sorority

Clover Played Carla Delgado in Animals University (2013)

She is a member of the EEK sorority

Clover Played Carla "Killer Claws" Benitez in Characters University

She is a monster employee at Monsters, Inc

Clover Played Rita in Private and Company

She is a saluki

Clover Played Duchess in The Aristolemurs

She is a cat

Clover Played Peg in Tigress and the Po

She is a dog

Clover Played Saywer in Lemurs Don't Dance

She is a cat

Clover Played Adult Nala in The Lemur King and The Lemur King II: King Julien's Troop

She is a lioness

Clover Played Jewel in Rio (KingJulienRulez Style)

She is a Spix's macaw

Clover Played Angie in Foosa Tale

She is an angel fish

Clover Played Princess Bala in Lemurz

She is an ant

Clover Played Neera in Lemur (Dinosaur)

She is an Iguanadon

Clover Played Bianca in The Rescuers (KingJulienRulez Version) and The Rescuers Down Under (KingJulienRulez Version)

She is a mouse

Clover Played Aunt Billie in Meet the robinsons (kenzcoolz style)

She is a train model controller

Clover Played Oliver in Clover and Company

She is a kitten

Clover Played Slippy Napkins in Bravest kenzcoolz warriors

She is a Hi-5 Alien

Clover Played Sally Buns in Sausage Party (DavidPeartFan2003 Style)

She is a hot dog bun

Clover Played Marina in Happily ever after (kenzcoolz style)

She is a Dwarfelle

Clover Played Miss Piggy in The Netflix Stars

She is a Muppet pig

Clover Played Sham in Himitsu no creature!

She is a Cocotama

Clover Played The Dragon in Ratso (Shrek)

She's a dragon

Clover Played Andie in The Mango Job

She is a squirrel

Clover Played Miss Beans in King Julien (Rango)

She is a desert iguana

Clover Played Joy in Inside Out (KingJulienRulez Style)

She is an emotion

Clover Played Featherduster in Beauty and the Lion (KingJulienRulez Style)

She is a featherduster

Clover Played Pocahontas in Cloverhontas

She is a Native-American woman

Clover Played Maid Marian in King Julien Hood

She is a vixen

Clover Played Mrs. Judson in The Great Lemur Detective

She is a mouse

Clover Played Gloria in Happy Feet (KingJulienRulez Version)

She is an Emperor Penguin

Clover Played Tigress in Kung Fu Lemur (KingJulienRulez Version)

She is a tigress

Clover Played Clover in Totally Spies (Madagascar Version)

She is a spy

Clover Played Petunia Rhubarb in MadagascarTales and MadagascarTales in the House

She is a rhubarb

Clover Played Daisy in Show Lemurs

She is a dog

Clover Played Marina in King Julien: Legends of the Seven Seas

She is a Sea Farer

Clover Played Elsa in Frozen (KingJulienRulez Style)

She is a Snow Queen

Clover Played Zini in Wolf (Dinosaur)

She is a male Sifaka lemur

Clover Played Eve in JULI-EN

She is a robot

Clover Played Wyldstyle in The Lemur Movie

She is a Lego figure

Clover Played Dr. Plithiver in Legend of the guardians: the creatures of ga’hoole

She is a snake

Clover Played Dumbo in Clover (Dumbo)

She is a baby elephant

Clover Played Thumbelina in Cloverlina

She is a tiny fairy

Clover Played Princess Leia in Star Wars (All Hail King Julien Style)

She is a princess

Clover Played Billy Bob the Lemur in The Animal Show (KingJulienRulez Version)

She is a male Aye-Aye lemur

Clover Played Sally Carrera in Lemurs (Cars)

She is a Porsche 996

Clover Played Kim Possible in Clover Possible

She is a crime-fighting heroine

Clover Played Star Butterfly in Clover vs. The Forces of Evil

She is a teenager

Clover Played Piper Pinwheel in Lemurs (Robots)

She is a robot

Clover Played Princess Yum-Yum in The Felon and the Cobbler

She is a princess

Clover Played Astrid in How to Train Your Lizard

She is a Viking warrior

Clover Played Charlotte the Spider in Clover's Tree

She is a spider

Clover Played Wonder Woman in Wonder Lemur

She is a superheroine

Clover Played SpongeBob SquarePants in LemurClover OrangeTail

She is a sponge

Clover Played Burn in King Julien (Turbo)

She is a snail

Clover Played Ginger in Lemur Run

She is a chicken

Clover Played Luna in Space Lemurs

She is a chimpanzee

Clover Played Salvation Army Guy in 12 pains of chirmas (my version)

She hates charities

Clover Played Lady Tottington in Jake and Stinky: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

She is a British lady

Clover Played Dora in Clover the Explorer

She is a young explorer

Clover Played Sara Lavrof in King Julien: The Lost Explorer

She is an archaeologist

Clover Played Lucy in Hotel Transylvania 3 ( Chracter style

She is a blue spiky blob

Clover Played Moxie in Cartoon Creatures (Trolls)

She is a troll

Clover Played Silver in The Angry Creatures Movie 2

She is a Peale's falcon

Clover Played Harriet Bouffant in Melody (Abby Hatcher)

She is a ragdoll fuzzly

Clover Played Moribunda in Legend quest / character style

She is a juvinile skull

Clover Played Mrs. Bramley in It's Marty

She is the mother

Clover Played Iana in Hoodwinked Too!: Hood vs Evil (CartoonCharacterzRock Style)

She is a lady

Clover Played Sleeping Beauty in Nick Wilde and the Adventure of All Time

She is a storybook princess

Clover Played Soothsayer in Kung Fu Birds 2

She is a goat

Clover Played Nefetiri in The Mummy Returns (2001, LUIS ALBERTO VIDEOS GALVAN PONCE Style)

She is an Ancient Egyptian daughter of Pharaoh Seti I

Clover Played Nibbler in Futurama (Genderswapped)

She is an alien

Clover Played Meggy in Smg4/ Dino mighty style

She is a human changed from an Inkling

Clover Played Antoine's Girlfriend in Here Comes Hubie the Penguin

She is half woman and half caterpillar

Clover Played Bessie in Barnyard (ellis temples style)

She is a cow

Clover Played Fru Fru in Mammaltopia (Vinnytovar Style)

She is a shrew

Clover Played Mavis (Bat) in Hotel Transylvania (Thomas Beauregard Style), Hotel Transylvania 2 (Thomas Beauregard Style), Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (Thomas Beauregard Style)

She is a vampire

Clover Played Chardly Soda in Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation (2004, LUIS ALBERTO VIDEOS GALVAN PONCE Style)

She is a Private trooper

Clover Played Peach in Finding Romeo

She is a seastar

Clover Played Laini in The Tiger Guard

She is a galago

Clover Played Martha in Hotel Transylvania (Thomas Beauregard Style)

She is a vampire

Clover Played Cody's Mother in The Rescuers Down Under (TheFoxPrince11 Style)

She is a human mother

Clover Played Pamela Duncan in Darma (Erin Brockovich)

She is a woman

Clover Played Feather Duster in Beauty and the Lion (2003) (SeansMan192) (Eddy and Blossom)

She is a featherduster

Clover Played Deb in Finding Romeo

She is a fish

Clover Played Lady Sloth in Jungle Age 2: The Meltdown

She is a sloth

Clover Played Thurman in Escape from Planet Earth (Gender Swapped Style)

She is a slug-like alien

Clover Played Delta Dawn in Toons World Tour (Trolls World Tour; 2020)

She is a troll



  • Sister - Crimson
  • Grandmother - Grandma Rose (deceased)
  • Grandfather - Grandpa Rose (deceased)
  • Husband - Sage Moondancer
  • Mother - Unnamed Mum (deceased)
  • Father - Unnamed Dad (deceased)
  • Brother-in-law - Koto (deceased)


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