Clumsy smurfs 2017

Clumsy Smurf is a character from The Smurfs.

Clumsy Smurf played Dopey in Smurfette White and the Seven Smurfs

Clumsy Smurf played Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Smurfs

Clumsy Smurf played Boots in Sticks The Explorer

He is a periwinkle monkey

Clumsy Smurf played Nod in Epic (Uranimated18 Style)

He is a leafman

Clumsy Smurf, Jokey Smurf, Brainy Smurf and Hefty Smurf played Inkling Boy in Comic Combat Bros. (Super Smash Bros.)

Clumsy Smurf played Pinkeye in Rainbow Panthers (Harvey Street Kids)


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