Cody is one of the main characters from Total Drama.

Cody played Dexter Barrington in The Country Critters

He is Beary's Brother

Cody played Russell in Up TheFoxPrince11 Style

He is a Boy Scout

Cody played Horton the Elephant in Cody Hears A Robot

He is a elephant

Cody played Fred in Trent's Christmas Carol

He is Scrooge's Nephew

Cody played Po in Kung Fu Cody

He is panda

Cody played Shrek in Cody (A.k.a Shrek)

He is a ogre

Cody played Jim Hawkins in Cartoon Treasure Island (Uranimated18 Version)

He is a Cabin Boy

Cody played Timothy Q. Mouse in Jake (Dumbo)

He is a Mouse

Cody played Human Edmond in Rock-A-Dodger/Dodger-A-DoodleR

He is a boy who got turned into a Reindeer


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