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The original casts of Cold Case (from L-R); Kathryn Morris as Lilly Rush, John Finn as John Stillman, Tracie Thoms as Kat Miller, Jeremy Ratchford as Nick Vera, Thom Barry as Will Jeffries, and Danny Pino as Scotty Valens

The Toonime version casts (From TL-BR); Yolei Inoue (Digimon 02) as Lilly Rush, Davis Motomiya (Digimon Adventure 02) as Scotty Valens, Ferb Fletcher (Phineas N' Ferb) as John Stillman, Phineas Flynn (Phineas N' Ferb) as Nick Vera, Finn "The Human" Mertens (Adventure Time) as Will Jeffries, and Jeri Katou (Digimon Tamers) as Kat Miller

Cold Case was an hour-long crime drama that aired on the CBS network from September 28, 2003 to May 2, 2010. It focused on a Philadelphia Police Department's Homicide squad that investigates murders that have gone unsolved for years, sometimes even decades.

In Toonime version, the series was carried over the original one which started in June 2020 which was produced by Rotten Seeds Production. It was directed by Stan of The Ham-Hams (Hamtaro) (present scenes, but also directed by other characters for the past scenes, including the six main characters of the series; he also directed The Cure). Both series was still (Toonime version is a parody only) produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and created by Meredith Stiehm (in partnership with Rotten Seeds Production Manager Maurizio Di Mauro [Wunschpunsch]), and the special consultant for homicidal cases Conan Edogawa.

Rotten Seeds Production also announced the official cancellation of the next Just Dance Toonime Edition release from Ubisoft and somehow only focusing for the continuous production of this show, stating that Just Dance 2020 (Cartoon / Anime Characters Edition) will be the last version from PandaB31 to be released.

Structure of the Show


The series focused largely on Detective Lilly Rush (Yolei Inoue) who was (until the third season) the squad's only female Homicide detective. Initially paired with Detective Chris Lassing (TK Takaishi later appearing in Season 6 Episode 13) for the first few episiodes, her long-term partner has been Detective Scotty Valens (Davis Motomiya). The squad is commanded by Lieutenant John Stillman (Ferb Fletcher) and includes Detectives Nick Vera (Phineas Flynn), Will Jeffries (Finn Mertens), and, starting in the third season, Josie Sutton (Stella (Winx Club)), who was replaced after a few episodes with Kat Miller (Jeri Katou).

Show Set-up

Episodes typically began with a flashback to a point several years earlier where the victim, and often other characters, are introduced and their situation is established. From there, the scene fades to sometime later, when the victim's body is shown with no one else present.

A contemporary police officer is usually shown filing a box of files pertaining to the unsolved case among several other boxes. In cases, where the body was never found the scene might show a Missing Persons report. The scene might also show a medical examiner's report if the death was thought to be an accident or suicide.

From there, the story shifts to the present, where new evidence (such as a newly discovered body, or new information from a witness) prompts the detectives to re-open the case.

Acquaintances of the victim are interviewed by detectives and recall their experiences with the victim which is then seen in flashbacks. Witness are often portayed by two guest actors: a younger one to appear in flashbacks when the victim was alive, and an older one to portray the character as they appear in the present (though some actors portray both versions of the character, depending on their age and if the case was recent enough).

Flashbacks typically employ popular music contemporary to the era and are shot in a way that is distinctly different visually from the scenes in the present. When the flashbacks are all viewed, the victim is usually shown having gone through some sort of character arc. When the killer's identity is revealed and confronted, their confession is shown through one final flashback revealing the circumstances of the victim's death.

The episode then ends with no dialogue, but rather one more piece of period music plays over a montage in which the killer is arrested; other witnesses are shown going on with their lives (both intercutting between their younger and older selves); one of the detectives is shown stacking the case box back with the other boxes, now with the word 'CLOSED' written on the lid; finally, one of the detectives (usually Lilly) or someone else close to the victim is shown seeing them apparently alive, well, and happy for just a moment, before they fade away, as though to suggest the victim can "move on", now that their murder has been solved. Since the show doesn't delve into the supernatural, it's generally assumed the victim's appearance at the end is more a figment of the other person's imagination.

Whether or not the show can be called a "procedural" is debatable. The show does not delve into the personal lives as much as some, such as NYPD Blue, but still more than others, such as Law & Order. Love interests for one character have sometimes been shown over several episode, and occasionally subplots onvolving a detective's personal life is shown, though invariably, the case shown in the episode takes precendence.

Main Casts

These are the list of the main characters of the show, consistently from the series Digimon, Adventure Time, and Phineas And Ferb. However, since they're the main characters, they will not having any second portrayals at this show, but the guest character are.

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Recurring Casts

These are the list of the characters which they're portraying as the minor characters of the show. They are also known as the major recurring casts as they are well-known to be the closest friends / family of the detectives listed above.

Rush-Cooper Family/Closest Persons/Acquaintances

Valens Family/Closest Persons/Acquaintances

Stillman Family/Closest Persons/Acquaintances

Vera Family/Closest Persons/Acquaintances

Jeffries Family/Closest Persons/Acquaintances

Miller Family/Closest Persons/Acquaintances

Known Victim Guest Character Portrayals

These are the guest characters who portrayed as the victims of the show in to their respective seasons and episodes, some of them are criminals though, and some of them are still alive for some odd reasons though. Neverthrless, the deceased victims may laid to rest when their cases are finally solved.

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Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7


  • Strangely and coincidentally enough, Finn's voice actor Jeremy Shada was also appeared in the original series when he was a kid as one of the three murder underaged victims named Jack Raymes in the 5th season of the first episode entitled Thrill Kill.
    • The mentioned character was portrayed by Tommy Pickles in this parody series.
    • Finn was also the special director for this episode, however he didn't showed up in the mentioned episode and instead, Jake The Dog, his partner from the Adventure Time show, substitued for him as Det. Jeffries in this episode only as he was causing conflict crossline. He later came back in the next episode until the rest of the episode.
  • Some of the male characters featured here are appeared numerously in this series but in a different character and presumably either same or different roles, they are; Ephraim (from Pokémon), Linus Van Pelt, Nate Adams/Keita Amano, Darwin Watterson, Ray Ray Lee, and (TBA).
  • Among the female characters, Kari Kamiya had a different roles for the series making that she was the only female character who guests in the series portraying 2 different roles (as a victim and ghostwatcher). The other one was TBA.
  • Four characters that was voiced by Kath Soucie (Miriam Pataki [S1E02], Maddie Fenton [S4E05], Blake Grippling [S4E10], and Ray Ray Lee [S6E07] - however he also later revealed that he was also played another character which also happens to be a ghostwatcher too) we're portraying the characters which was later killed in the series, thus at least two of the character she voiced was only portraying as the ghostwatcher (in this case Lillian DeVille and her mother Betty DeVille [both S4E03]) and another as a criminal (in this case Phillip DeVille [S6E07]), the remaining was only portraying extras making her the most numerous characters she voiced in this series when it comes to voices.
  • As mentioned above, the main character will not having another character role other than their permanent portrayals. Also Stan [Hamtaro] and Maurizio Di Mauro [Wunschpunsch] doesn't physically appeared in the series as they're the ones who keeps the series up and running.
  • In the original series, Danny Finch (portrayed by Jarrod Bailey in the original series) ghost was fading seconds after he saw Det. McAvoy in the real series, however on the Toonime side (portayed by Ray Ray Lee) was not after he turned around which having the same scene was done. This was caused by an animation error on graphic artist side.
    • On the other side, Ray Ray himself was also happened to be the assistant producer for the mentioned episode.
  • In the episode Lonely Hearts (S4E09), Kana and Mia's appearance (which they're fat in this episodes) was revealed to be a prosthetic fat only, and they took 2-3 hours to set these prosthetic fats just to make this episode mentioned possible and relatable. Their co-stars Laura Haruna and Travis Kimura we're the ones who help on the production for the episode.
  • Linus Van Pelt appeared numerous times in this series, both as a ghostwatcher, those persons are Dylan Noakes (S5E01 Thrill Kill) and Joe Sung (S7E08 Chinatown).
  • Despite that he doesn't physically appeared in the series (both real and Toonime version remake), the toy figure of Aang was appeared in the series when Lt. Stillman's grandson Sean (portrayed by Rekuta Kadoko) handled it to him.

Production Staffs

Overall Production Staff and Director

Writers and Sub Directors (for the past scenes)

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