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Colonel Trike is a triceratops, he is a leader who leads his herd in Riley's Adventures.

He plays ??? in Riley Tugboat

He is a ???.

Voice Actors:

  1. Corey Burton - English
  2. Kotaro Nakamura - Japanese
  3. Roberto Encinas - European Spanish
  4. Jesus Barrero - Latin Spanish
  5. Richard Darbois - European French
  6. Daniel Picard - Canadian French
  7. Jürgen Kluckert - German
  8. Stefano Albertini - Italian
  9. Fernando Luis - European Portuguese
  10. Jorgeh Ramos - Brazilian Portuguese
  11. Jan Åström - Swedish
  12. ??? - Polish


Colonel Trike (Riley's Adventures TV Series).jpg
Colonel Trike said he finally got the big maneuvers more serious.jpg
Colonel Trike was pushed forward by his herd.jpg
Colonel Trike scrunched his feet towards the ground, trying to make him stop, but he kept moving forward uncontrollably.jpg
Colonel Trike and his herd agreed to be okay.jpg
Colonel Trike, Vionet and Trike, Jr. first meet Belle and Sophie.jpg
Colonel Trike, Vionet and Trike, Jr. started to follow Belle and Sophie.jpg
Colonel Trike, Vionet, Trike Jr. and his herd approaches Riley and his friends.jpg
Claite told Trike that it's time for him and his troops to lead the way.jpg
Colonel Trike told Claite that apparently we got away with our march.jpg
Colonel Trike said it might be nightfall.jpg
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