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Copper is a minor character in TRON: Uprising. He is an employee at Able's garage.


Copper is a particular friend of Dash, and the two are almost always seen together. When Able was left wounded outside the garage, Copper and Dash found him and helped him back in. He and Dash were also seen talking to Able, at the same time Able was keeping an eye on Beck to make sure he works after being late again. Copper also followed Dash's lead in asking time off from Mara when she was in charge of their shift.

He was along the programs attending Able's funeral, when Mara started blaming the Renegade's death. After Pavel took control of the garage, he and Dash began to wonder where the Renegade, but reminded that the Renegade was a criminal. Zed told them, the Renegade can't be at two places once, explaining why he didn't save Able. When the Super recognizer crash near the garage, he was along the programs witnessing the Renegade fighting two Black Guards. After Pavel order the Guards to derezzed the renegade, Mara and Zed choose to protect him, he joined in also to defend the Renegade, becoming part of the Grid's first active resistance group.