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One Day Coraline And Her Parents Went To The Video Store And When She Saw An Wiggledance Vhs It Happened

"Can I Have That Wiggledance Vhs?" Said Coraline Jones

When Mel Jones Shook Her Head And Said, "No Coraline, You Have Too Many Wiggles Vhs's At Home"

Then Coraline Started To Scream And Cry

Charlie Jones Got Angry And Said "That Does It Coraline We Are Going Home!"

When They Got Home, Coraline Jones Got In Trouble With Her Parents And She Was Not Allowed To Go And See The Good Dinosaur With Her Best Friend, Shanti Because She Got Punished

"You're As Evil As King Candy, Go To Bed!" Said Mel Then Coraline Went To Her Room In Tears

In Her Room, Bing Bong Beat Her Up, "That Deserves It Coraline, No Good Dinosaur" Said Bing Bong