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Courtney is one of the main characters and Duncan's former love interest in Total Drama. She is a main antagonist in Total Drama Action and anti hero in Total Drama World Tour. She is reformed as a main protagonist in upcoming Total Drama series after Total Drama All-Stars. She is a Owen's former archenemy and becoming a Owen's boss Also She Is A Villian The Who Wants To escape The Total drama Contest And Also The Who Loves Rules.

Courtney played the Darla in Cartoons Don't Dance

She is a Little Girl

Courtney played Alice's Sister in Gwen in Wonderland

She is a Sister

Courtney played Mrs. Lipsky in Oriana Possible

Courtney played Disgust in Inside Out (Moviemagic Style)

Courtney played Cheezi in Toon Drama

Courtney played Kate Ashby in Courtney Ashby

She is a Little Girl When She gets trouble.


  • ex-boyfriend- Duncan, Scott
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