Creeper is a character in "The Black Claudron"


Creeper Played Iago in Hiccup (Aladdin)Hiccupladdin 2: The Return of Horned King and Hiccupladdin 3: The King of Thieves

Creeper Played Old Jafar in Bernardladdin (Stephen Druschke's Version)

Creeper Played LeFou in Beauty and the Panda

Creeper Played Peepers in Danny Over Yonder

Creeper Played Gazeem The Thief in Furballaddin and Dudleyladdin

Creeper Played The Chameleon in T.U.F.F. Cat

He is a green chameleon

Creeper Played Skeleton Monkey in Animals Of The Caribbean NuclearZoen Style

He is a 

Creeper Played Hakim In Chipladdin (2019)

he is a guard



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