These are The Opening Previews for Monsters Inc. (The 2002 UK VHS.)

  1. Closed Caption Screens (Closed Caption Decoder) 
  2. Disney Video Piracy Promo (1996-2002) 
  3. Dreamworks dvd Promo

  4. "Coming Soon" logo 
  5.  madagascar Trailer (antz) uk
  6. antz Preview uk
  7. shark tale Preview uk
  8. dreamworks World in Florida Promo
  9. antz Video Games Promo
  10. "Bonus Footage After The Feature" logo 
  11. (1992-2004) "Feature Presentation" Logo
  12. Walt Disney Home Entertainment Logo 
  13. "For the Birds" Pixar Short 
  14. (1995-2007) dreamworks Logo uk
  15. mgm Logo uk
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