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Crysta is a (September 12,1972 - August 12, 2013) beautiful young fairy and the main protagonist in Ferngully: The Last Rainforest.

Crysta played Auntie Em in The Wizard Of Oz (Beautifulbat Style Remake)

She is Dorothy Gale's Aunt

Crysta played Mindy the Mermaid in The TailsBob FoxPants Movie

She is the Daughter of King Neptune

Crysta played Sergeant Calhoun in Wreck It Alex

She is a Solider

Crysta played Tinker Bell in Trent Pan and Bugs Pan

She is a Fairy

Crysta played Kevin in Up (TheFoxPrince11 Style)

She is a Bird

Crysta Played Wasp In Ultimate Avengers 1 & 2 (Eil Wages)

She Is A Superhero

Crysta Played Joy in Inside Out (Uranimated18 Style)

She is a Yellow Emotion

Crysta Played Snow White in Crysta White and the Seven Animals

She is a Princess

Crysta Played Pocahontas in Crystahontas (Dragon Rockz Style)

She is a Indian

Crysta Played Alice in Crysta in Wonderland

She is a Girl

Crysta Played Cinderella in Crystarella

She is a Princess

Crysta will play Cleo in Jenocchio

She is a goldfish

She will play Odette in an upcoming The Swan Princess parody

She will play Chel in an upcoming The Road to El Dorado parody

She will play Buttercup in an upcoming The Powerpuff Girls parody

She will play Sorsha in an upcoming Willow parody

She will play Captain Amelia in an upcoming Treasure Planet parody

She will play Tabitha Smith/Boom Boom in an upcoming X-Men: Evolution parody

She will play the Childlike Empress in an upcoming The Neverending Story parody

She will play Amalthea in an upcoming The Last Unicorn parody

She will play Anastasia in an upcoming Anastasia parody

She will play Moana in Crysta (Moana)

She is the titular protagonist

She will play Esmeralda in The Watership of Notre Dame

She is a gypsy


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