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Cuphead is a video-game character.

He played Scrat in Video-game Age (Terence bird Productions Style)

He was a smallest character.

He played Mike Wazowski in Cuphead's New Car

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He played Melman in Madagascar (MaxTrax425)

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He played Kirby in Super Smash Bros (Hal the Bird Productions Style)

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He played Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story (MaxTrax425)

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He played Crash in Ice Age 2 (MaxTrax425)

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Other Appearances

  • He was supposedly appeared on the choreo Moves Like Jagger and I Want Candy, but was been deleted on the game feature. However, he appeared as one of the official dancer for the song Sugar by Maroon 5 (together with Mugman) on Just Dance 2019. (Where they also appeared on its teaser seeing them (together with Mugman) that they're taking a coffee break).
  • He reappeared once again, this time as a main/lead coach for the song Buscando by GTA (Great Times Ahead) and Jenn Morel on Just Dance 2021.


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