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Curious BJ is a 2006 animated adventure comedy film. It was directed by Anne Wood, written by Andrew Davenport and produced by Ragdoll Productions, BBC, and Hit Entertainment. Featuring the voices of Ben Stiller, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Alex Karzis, Richard Binsley, Ellen Davis, and Dante Basco, it follows a tour guide at a museum befriending a yellow dinosaur (whom he names BJ) and going on adventures with it around the city.


In Africa, a happy and mischievous dinosaur lives in somewhere in the jungle. Meanwhile in the city, Alex is a museum tour guide who gives weekly presentations to schoolteacher Lady Marina and her students. His boss, Zuko, informs Alex that the museum is losing money and will have to close down, much to the delight of his son Ledge, who wants to replace it with a parking lot (so as to become rich and win his dad’s love over Alex). Alex volunteers to find an ancient 40-foot tall African idol, the Lost Shrine of Zagawa, hoping that it will attract more visitors. He is outfitted with a bright yellow suit and hat and boards a cargo ship to the African jungle, where he discovers the idol to be only 3 inches tall. He sends a photograph to the museum, but the image's angle leads Zuko to believe that the idol was even larger than he thought. Meanwhile, Alex befriends the dinosaur who secretly follows him back to the city.

In Alex's apartment building, the dinosaur makes his way to neighbor Mrs. Breeze's penthouse and repaints the walls, and even pouring the same paint in her bath. Due to the building's strict no-pet policy, Alex is evicted by Magnet Bomber, the doorman. Alex reveals the idol's actual size to Zuko and is kicked out of the museum by Ledge after the dinosaur accidentally destroys an Apatosaurus skeleton. After a failed call to the animal control service to try to get rid of the dinosaur, Alex and the dinosaur are forced to sleep outside in a park. The next morning, Alex follows the dinosaur into the zoo, where they meet Marina and her students, and names the dinosaur BJ after a nearby statue of George Washington. BJ floats away on helium balloons that are popped by bird control spikes, but he is saved by Alex.

At the home of Dr. Marbles, an inventor, BJ discovers that an overhead projector makes the idol appear huge. Alex shows the projector to Zuko, but a jealous Ledge (upset that Zuko loves Alex more than him) pours some of his latte on the projector, causing it to explode, and frames BJ by giving him the rest. Alex sadly informs the public that the museum will be permanently closed and the idol was not real. Because of all the stuff BJ has caused, Alex orders him to leave and the animal control (who he called the night before) arrives and Alex asks them to take BJ away from him.

Alex soon realizes that BJ was like a buddy to him and speaks with Marina, who helps him to understand what is important in life. He sneaks onto BJ's ship and reunites with him in the cargo hold. BJ notices that the idol actually reveals a pictogram when exposed to brightness, and Alex realizes that it is a map to the real idol, which they find in the jungle.

The real idol is finally displayed in the museum, which reopens with new interactive exhibits. Although disappointed that he did not get his parking lot, Ledge gets a job as a valet and finds joy in his father finally being proud of him. Even Magnet Bomber, who has grown fond of BJ, invites Alex to move back into his apartment. Alex and Marina share a romantic moment but are interrupted by BJ, who has started a rocket ship; Alex jumps in with him and they circumnavigate the globe.


  • George - BJ (Barney and Friends)
  • Ted (a.k.a The Man in the Yellow Hat) - Alex (Madagascar)
  • Junior - Ledge (Cyberchase)
  • Maggie Dunlop - Marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas)
  • Mr. Bloomsberry - Zuko (Avatear: The Last Airbender)
  • Clovis - Dr. Marbles (Cyberchase)
  • Ms. Plushbottom - Mrs. Breeze (Will and Dewitt)
  • Ivan the Doorman - Magnet Bomber (Bomberman)
  • Edu - Will's Dad (Will and Dewitt)
  • Balloon Man - Li (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas)
  • Manager - Dennis (Will and Dewitt)
  • Salesman - Mo (Will and Dewitt)
  • Animal Control Receptionist - Diplodocus Mom (The Land Before Time)
  • Seen It Cab Driver - Thomas (Thomas and Friends)
  • Kids - Various PBS Kids Characters
  • Baby Hippo - Harry the Blue Hippo (Baby Einstein)
  • Animals - Various Pokemon Characters
  • Petrie (The Land Before Time) as himself (a.k.a. George's friend)