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D.W. Read is a Arthur's younger sister from the hit Series:  Elwood City: Arthur and D.W. (1996).

El-Wood City; Author and D.W. Read: Anthropomorphic Aardvark's: lives in the community of El-Wood City; with Residential: Classmate's, Friend's, Neighbour's, Educators, Authority Figures, and his family. Looking at the perspective of each Companion and how they revolve around Author who is the main Character: living a modest day of his life. They Lived Parellel in different direction's, separate from him. D.W. and the Preschoolers is Parallel Alternate Sequence version how his sister lives.


She played SkyTrain Mark I #116

  • She is a playable with Marlee White.

She played SkyTrain Mark I #140

  • She is a hostage with Link from Super Smash Bros Melee as Thayne Prouten.

She played Darla Dimple in Crickets Don't Dance

She played Lilo in D.W. and Lucifer

She played Snow White in D.W. White and the Seven Insects

She played Tickety Tock in Some of the Blue's Clues Parodies

She played Cinderella in D.W. (Cinderella)

She played Patrick Star in SpongeTommy SquarePickles

She played Ariel in The Little Aardvark

She played Sawyer in Mammals Don't Dance

She played Rescue Pack in Go,Tommy,Go!

She played Alice in D.W. in Wonderland

She played Mulan in D.W. (Mulan)

She played Belle in Beauty and the Orangutan

She played Wendy Darling in Arthur Pan

She played Disgust in Inside Out (Arthurandfriends Style)

She is a green emotion.

She played Elsa the Snow Queen in Frozen (Arthurandfriends Style)

She played Gwen in Total Drama (Arthurandfriends Style)

She played Anastasia in D.W. (Anastasia)

She played Swan Odette in The Aardvark Princess

She played Baby Bop in Arthur & Friends (a.k.a. Barney & Friends)

She played Dory in Finding Dil and Finding D.W.

She's a fish

She played Princess Sofia in D.W. the First

She is an enchancia princess.

She played Goldie Locks in D.W. and Edmond

She played Moana in D.W. (Moana)

She played Tinker Bell in SpongeBob Pan

She is a fairy.

She played Judy Hopps in Zootopia (Arthurandfriends Style)

She is a rabbit.

She played Mrs. Brisby in The Secret of NIMH (Arthurandfriends Style)

She is a mouse.

She played Princess Aurora in Sleeping Aardvark

She is a princess.

She played Vampirina Hauntley in D.W. (Vampirina)

She is a vampire.

She played SpongeBob SquarePants in D.W.Bob ReadPants

She played Daizy in Wow! Wow! Tommy Pickles!

She is Wubbzy's friend.

She played Duck in Little Bear (My Version)

She is a duckling.


D.W.'s Animal Counterparts:

D.W. as the Hippopotamus

D.W. as the Bear

D.W. as a Squirrel


D.W. is Also Best Friends with Tommy Pickles and Dil Pickles (From Rugrats)



  • Dil Pickles (son)
  • Kate Read (daughter)
  • Tyler (young son)

Gallery of D.W. and her boyfriend Tommy

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