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Mr. Pig or Snuffle Kins as Revealed in Valentine's Day is a character in "Peppa Pig". He is silly, funny, clumsy, crazed, goofy, hyperactive and fun-loving.

Daddy Pig loves to play and have fun with his family and friends, but can sometimes be quite lazy or forgetful. He shows some smarts now and then, and seems to be an engineer or architect, since he is usually shown with blueprints and even designed a house for a family.

He is mostly known for his clumsy behavior though, or his big tummy, something he isn't very proud about and refuses to admit. Due to this, he is usually on the receiving end of most of the comedy and teasings in the series, and while it hurts his feelings, he tries to take it with good nature. He is also stubborn, as he dismisses others' warnings.