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Daisy Duck is a beautiful girl duck from Mickey Mouse. She is in Donald's love.


Daisy Duck plays Mother Rabbit in Mickey Hood

She is a rabbit

Daisy Duck plays Duchess in The AristoDucks

She is a cat 😺

Daisy Duck plays Princess Fiona (Ogre) in Donald Duck (Shrek)

She is an ogre

Daisy Duck plays Ariel in The Little Mer-Duck

Daisy Duck plays Serena in Pokemon XY (396Movies Animal Style)

Daisy Duck plays Leni Loud in The Duck House

Daisy Duck plays Liv in Willy's Wonderland/Cuphead and BATIM Style

Daisy Duck played Mrs. Potato Head in Animal Story 2 (Abeiscool40 Style) and Animal Story 3 (Abeiscool40 Style)


Daisy's Animal Counterparts:

Daisy as a Hippopotamus