Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse is the main title character in the series Danger Mouse.

Orinocules He played as Hermes

The Little Mer-Pureheart and The Little Mer-Pureheart 2: Return to the Sea He played as Chef Louis

The Rescuers Down Under (Disney and Sega Animal Style) He played as Telegraph Mouse

Sleeping Pearl He played as Lackey

Giselle in Wonderland (Disney and Sega Version) He played as Second Card Painters

Madagascar (Disney and Sega Animal Style), Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (Disney and Sega Animal Style) and Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (Disney and Sega Style) He played as Melman the Giraffe

All Childrens Go to Heaven He played as Grand Chawhee

Who Framed Jose Carioca, Space Jam (Disney and Sega Style) and Looney Tunes Back in Action (Disney and Sega Style) He played as Bugs Bunny

The Mices (The Smurfs) and The Mices 2 He played as Gutsy Smurf

Harlem Nights (Disney and Sega Animal Style) He played as Sugar Ray

Pulp Fiction (Disney and Sega Animal Style) He played as Captain Koons

Danger Mouse's Eight Crazy Nights He played as Davey Stone

Kipper Hood He played as Friar Tuck

Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Kipper and Sue Ellen Style) He played as Dr. Sweet

Kipparzan He played as Professor Porter

Kipperladdin, Kipperladdin 2: The Return of Phantom the Pirate and Kipperladdin 3: The King of Thieves He played as Sultan

Sue Ellan He played as Ling

Sue Ellen White and the Seven Cartoons He played as Grumpy

Sue Ellstasia He played as Vladmir

Tangled (Kipper and Sue Ellen style) He played as Ulf

The Dog King (Louis Walkden version) and The Dog King 2: Kipper's Pride He played as Timon

The Little Mer-Armstrong He played as Sebastian

The Pink Panther of Notre Dame He played as Victor

The All-Star Book and The All-Star Book 2 He played as Bagheera

The Great Dog Detective (Louis Walkden version) He played as Dr. Dawson

Friends, Inc. and Friends University He played as Mike Wazowski

Danger Mouse (Borat) He played as Borat

Danger Mouse & Penfold (Ozzy & Drix) He played as Ozzy

Danger Mouse 'n' Penfold Rescue Rangers He played as Chip

Danger Mouse's (Chuck E. Cheese's) He played as Chuck E. Cheese


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