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Daniel Cook is first appearance was Eat, Sleep, Friends, Careful, Halloween, Greetings, Find, Together, Christmas, Love, and Imagine.

Side: Muno, Brobee, and Plex

Born: April 1st, 1997

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Phrase: Eating, Sleeping, having Friends being Careful on Halloween saying Greetings together, Loving Christmas when you Imagine and that's what I like to do.

8-bit game: TV Time, Race to the Finish Line, Brobee Affair, Arcade of Doom, Riverboat Racer, Find a Friend, Knock on a Friend's House, Present for Foofa, Foofa and Plex Race, and Pirate Ship Treasure

Toy: Rocketship (2x), Dinosaur (2x), Snail (2x), Soccer Ball, Magic Fish, Mini Orbiter, and Robots

color of dinosaur body orange spines olive green


  • Daniel is related to Emily Yeung, Scarlett Dovey, and Isaiah Gero-Marsman.
  • He is a presenter on Funtimes House.