He is a character from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood He's Katerina's Boyfriend

Daniel Tiger

He plays Louie in We're Back! A Cartoon Animated Story

He plays Young Simba in The Tiger King (Cbeebiesable Version)

He plays Timothy Q. Mouse in Little Bear (Dumbo)

He plays Robin Hood in Daniel Hood

He plays Mike in Cats, Inc. (Cbeebiesable Version)

He plays Bernard in The Rescuers (Cbeebiesable Version)

He plays Prince Cornelius in Katrlina

He plays Prince Charming in Katrella, Katrella 2: Dreams Come True and Katrella 3: A Twist in Time

He plays Michael Darling in Hector Pan

He plays Peter Pan in Daniel Pan and Daniel Pan 2: Return to Neverland

He plays Prince Eric in The Little Kitty

He plays Pinocchio in Danielocchio

He plays Dopey as an extras with Wibbly Pig in Blythe Baxter and the Twentieth-First Canadian Animated Friends and The 21CAF (The 7D)

He plays Joe in Woofster's Clues

He plays Dumbo in Daniel Tiger (Dumbo)

He plays Slippery Soap in Elmo's Clues


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