Daniel the Fox

He is a secondary main protagonist in The Fox and the Hound 3. He is Tod’s Older Brother


  • Tod (Younger Brother)
  • Unnamed Mother
  • Unnamed Father
  • Widow Tweed (Owner; Formerly)
  • Bodi (Father)
  • Darma (Mother)
  • Vixey (Sister-in-law)
  • Tod Jr. (Nephew)
  • Austin (Nephew)
  • Chase (Nephew)
  • Hiro (Nephew)
  • Vixey Jr. (Niece)
  • Clara (Niece)
  • Mr. Stallion (Horse)
  • Poggy (Sidekick)
  • Kristen (Mate)
  • Billy (Son)
  • Sally (Daughter)
  • Abigail
  • Edith
  • Priscilla (Adoptive Wolf Pup Daughters)
  • Connor (???)
  • Amy (???)


  • His brother, Tod.
  • Helping others
  • Having fun
  • His sidekick, Poggy
  • Kristen (Love interest; currently)
  • Playing with Tod and Copper
  • The idea of having a family (currently)


  • Big Mama warning him and Tod about “the lack of education”
  • His brother attempting to marry Vixey (formerly)
  • His family not staying home (formerly)
  • Seeing others sad
  • His brother sad
  • The Badger threatening him and Tod
  • Amos Slade’s actions against him and Tod


  • He is voiced by Daniel Winsett
  • He and his brother were both adopted by Widow Tweed in The Fox and the Hound 3
  • As a Teenager, He loves his brother Tod because he has a care of protecting him
  • Tod calls him “greatest big brother” to warm his heart when Tod was a cub
  • At the fair, Daniel hugs Tod for giving him a best nickname.
  • At the fair, he has a new horse named Mr. Stallion.
  • When he goes to the woods before Tod, he meets Poggy and became his sidekick.
  • During winter, Daniel hibernates with Poggy in his den because she's cold-blooded
  • He saw beavers constructing the dam in the waterfall, Poggy's neighbors
  • He currently likes his new life here in the woods.
  • His favorite food is berries
  • He stands up to the badger and forces him to leave
  • His quote is "Taking care of someone's loved one who also protected and defended our freedom and then our dreams will be safe within us."
  • He is currently the leader of the Nature Oasis.


  • Protect his brother Tod from danger (Including Amos Slade) (Succeeded)
  • Prove that Copper is still Tod's best friend (Succeeded)
  • Befriend his first horse Mr. Stallion at the fair (Succeeded)
  • Have his new life here in the woods with Mr. Stallion and Poggy (Succeeded)
  • Have Tod to break up with Vixey (abandoned; formerly)
  • Help Tod take down the bear (Succeeded)
  • Expose Matlin the bobcat and banish him for his crimes (Succeeded)
  • To become a good uncle of his niece and nephews, and his family too (Ongoing)
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