Nickname: Cookie Played By: Darla Jean Hood (King - her family name in Bear Facts) Born: November 4, 1931 (possibly) Relatives: Johnny (father), Mother (name unrevealed), Wilma (step-mother), Junior (brother), Amelia (cousin) Clubs: None First Short: Our Gang Follies Of 1936 Last Short: Wedding Worries


One of the most instantaneously recognized Rascals, cute and adorable Darla Hood is first introduced in Our Gang Follies Of 1936, a singing revue which Spanky throws for the other kids to earn spending money. Darla apparently loves to sing. She sings the song, "I'll Never Say Never Again." In her first appearances, she has blonde hair, harkening back to Mary Kornman and Jean Darling; but she later reverts back to the familiar brunette locks for which she is best known.
Darla's character is the daughter of James B. Hood, the local dentist, who is also revealed to be the owner of a circus (Bear Facts, in which his last name is said to be 'King') and seems well-to-do, but not as wealthy as the family of Waldo. He refers to his wife as "Mother," and later remarries after Darla's mother has passed on (Wedding Worries), and he is often very exasperated by Darla's friends, especially when they stay the night (Night 'N' Gales). Interestingly enough, in Night 'N' Gales, her father's name is Arthur Hood, while in Feed 'Em And Weep, his name is John Hood. Darla also has a little brother Junior seen in that short.
Darla is a gifted little singer, appearing in several of Spanky's shows and once nearly on the radio if not for Alfalfa Switzer. Alfalfa considers Darla his girlfriend, and she very much enjoys the attention, but when the gang is taking his attention and he neglects her, she is not hesitant to use Waldo or even Butch to make Alfalfa jealous.



  • According to the US Census Bureau, there were no girls born with the name of Darla in Oklahoma in 1931, though there were girls born with the name Dorla.  It may be possible that her birth name might be Dorla. However, the actress's own mother contends that she very nearly named her "Dorla," but decided to name her the misspelled version of the name.
  • In the song "Purple Stain" by the band Red Hot Chili Peppers, Darla is referenced in the lyrics: "'Cause we all live in Hollywood, with Dracula and Darla Hood"
  • Darla's name inspired the 1990s underrated alternative band Darlahood.
  • See also: Darla As Seen In Other Media.
  • Brittany Ashton Holmes as Darla, Alfalfa's girlfriend
  • Eden Wood as Darla

Darla As Seen In Other Media

Image As seen in / Year Notes
Dar chr
The Little Rascals Christmas Special and Public Service Announcements
Portrayed by Randi Kiger. Darla accompanies the other Rascals in both the Christmas Special and the PSAs. At one point in the Christmas Special, she makes Alfalfa jealous by wanting to visit Spanky's Blue Comet train.
Dar hann
The Little Rascals (animated series)


Portrayed by Patty Maloney. Unlike her film series' counterpart, Darla is regularly involved in the guys' mischief.
Jell-O Gelatin Pops Commercials


Portrayed by Unknown.
Dar mus
The Little Rascals (musical)


Portrayed by Jenna von Oÿ .
Darla brittany holmes
The Little Rascals


Portrayed by Brittany Ashton Holmes. Darla is Alfalfa's love interest, but leaves him for Waldoafter a disastrous lunch date. She spends much of the story angry at Alfalfa, but eventually returns to his side.
Dar ed
The Little Rascals Save The Day


Portrayed by Eden Wood. Darla is continuously impressed by both Alfalfa and Waldo, and has to choose which one she prefers.

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