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Darwin is the main antagonist in the 1989 movie The Stone and the Squirrel. He is voiced by Dave Foley.

Voice Actors:

  1. Dave Foley - English
  2. Katsuji Mori - Japanese


Physical Appearance:


Role in the film:

The Stone and the Squirrel:

At the beginning of the film, Darwin was seen spying on Harold and Molly. He wants Molly to be his wife and have the smartest the strongest the bravest and best looking children he ever wanted! When Harold got the stone he cruelly tripped him. He drops Harold into the water. After the attack, Darwin was with his minions on the ice and Darwin wants Molly to be his mate but Molly refuses. He gives her a choice to stick with him or be banished. Eight days away until the ceremony, he was in his lair eating bones with the skua birds and reminded them that Harold is a Grizzly Bear meal, ensuring that Harold will never return and that Molly is his.

A few days later, he was seen asking Molly about the plan about the mating season. Molly still refuses despite his stubborn objection and relentless insistence. After Harold got away from the killer whales, Darwin began carrying Molly down the stairs towards the Full Moon Mating Ceremony when he suddenly heard a loud voice and to his shock to find that it was Harold assuming for sure that he was dead. Darwin started to challenge him intent on making sure he stays dead. Harold was about to charge him, but Darwin brutally slammed him with his arm knocking Harold unconscious. After Harold gets up, he fights Darwin. With every blow Darwin made, Harold countered his attack knocking him down the stairs. When Molly tried to get to Harold, Darwin grabbed still intent on carrying her off against her will. Harold then bit his leg causing Darwin to scream in pain. Enraged, he attempts to finish off Harold but proves futile with every kick Harold threw back at him. Darwin dives at Harold but ended getting sucker-punched in the face, completely dazed. Harold then kicked Darwin off the stairs and he fell down to the chasm presumably to his death. Darwin reappears lifting a boulder Molly was on in an attempt to crush Harold, only to killed from being crushed under the falling rocks of his tower.