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Dash Parr is Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl's son from The Incredibles.

He played Cody in The Rescuers Down Under (Nikkdisneylover8390 Style)

He is an animal rescuer

He played Greg Leary in Timmy in New York

He is Mrs. Leary's eldest son

He played Martin Brisby in The Secret of NIMH (JimmyandFriends Style)

He is Mrs. Brisby's eldest son

He played Tim Murphy in Jurassic Park (Kingbalto Style)

He is a jurassic park expert

He played Arliss in Old Stitch (Old Yeller)

he is a son

He played Denahi in Brother Watterson

he is a Hunter

He played Pua in Ginger Foutley (Moana)

He is a pig

He played Diego (Go Diego Go) in Lilo The Explorer and Go, Dash, Go

He is an Animal Rescuer

He played Jimmy Neutron in The Adventures of Dash Parr: Superhero Boy Genius and Dash Parr: Superhero Boy Genius

He is a Genius

He played Garfield in Dash Parr: The Movie and Dash Parr: A Tail of Two Superheroes

He is a Tabby Cat

He played Cosmo in The Fairly OddIncredibles

He is a Fairy