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Dave and the Giant Asparagus is the fifth episode of FruityTales. This story is a retelling of the bible story of David and Goliath.


The show opens up with Harry dressed as his alter ego Banana-Boy with a cardboard cutout of a city skyline. He demonstrates his super-suction ears by jumping on a cardboard building. He gets stuck as Rob walks out on the countertop. Harry asks for Rob’s help getting down, but falls off before Rob can actually help him. When Rob asks Harry to get out of his costume, Harry says that he doesn't feel special about his normal self. Rob then mentions that he got a letter from Myra Eggleston from Youngstown, Pennsylvania. She says that her siblings are all older than her and can do all kinds of things but she is too little for any of those things and wonders what is special about her. Rob then tells the story of Dave and the Giant Asparagus.

A long time ago in a country named Israel, Dave (Timmy Strawberry) was a shepherd who lived with his three brothers (Jimmy Mango and Jerry Pineapple and Haman Orange) and his father Jesse (Pa Orange). Everyday while Dave tended his sheep, the sheep would tip over and his older brothers would pick on him by making him pick up their tipped over sheep and get them food. One day, their father Jesse comes running to the boys to tell them that Israel's sworn enemies, the Philistines, are attacking. In order to defeat them, Israel's king, King Saul (Archibald Celery) is putting together an army to defeat the Philistines. As everyone heads towards the battle grounds, Jesse tells Dave that saving Israel is a big man's job and not intended for boys and that he needs to stay with the sheep.

At the battlefield, the army of the Israellites were camped out on one hill while the Philistines were on another hill. The Philistines began to throw insults at the Israellites. Then the two upfront Philistines (Jean Claude Asparagus and Christopher Artichoke) begin to make a deal with the Israellites. The two armies will bring out their great champions and if one of them wins, the losing army will be the winning army's slaves. King Saul agrees to the offer and the Philistines bring out their champion, a huge asparagus named Goliath.

The Isreallites are frighten by the sight of Goliath and they run away and hide. Goliath came back day after day for 40 days to see who would fight him. But every time he showed up, all the Israellites were in hiding. After a while, Jesse begins to worry about his boys, and he sends Dave to the campgrounds to deliver some firecrackers. At the grounds, Dave sees his brothers in hiding from Goliath and overhears Goliath calling the Israellites cowards. Fed up with no one willing to fight Goliath, Dave goes to King Saul and says that he will fight Goliath. King Saul has major doubts that Manny, at his young age, can defeat Goliath. Dave, through song, convinces Saul to let him out on the field. Saul tells Manny to put on his old royal armor. Dave is not fit for the armor and says that he will confront Goliath with all he has and the will of Ghost. Saul reluctantly lets Dave go out and fight.

As Dave heads for the camp, he stops by a stream and picks up five smooth stones. At the camps, Dave goes to Goliath and accepts his challenge. Goliath suits up in his boxing uniform and heads out in the battlefield and confronts Dave. Dave then takes a stone he picked up and uses a sling shot to fling a stone at Goliath. The stone hits Goliath's head, knocking him completely out. The Israellites are cheering with victory as the Philistines run away in defeat and fear. The story ends with Dave riding on his sheep in the sunset, and falling off.

Back on the countertop, Harry is moved by the story and is feeling special again. The bible verse of the day is Matthew 19:26; with God all things are possible. Harry thinks that he can do anything he wants and says that he wants to be a chicken. Rob then corrects him by saying that the verse means whatever God wants us to do, we can do. As Rob leaves the countertop, Harry stays behind to play around as Banana-Boy for fun. He then uses his super-suction ears to hang onto the camera and gets stuck then falls off onto the kitchen floor.