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Dynasti the Radicles Fangirl's parody of Strawberry Shortcake starring Dee Dee, Numbuh 5, Tambry, Dipper Pines, Mandy, Star Butterfly, Connie MaheswaranCassandra, Haley Long, Trixie Tang and Kimby.



  1. Meet Dee Dee Shortcake
  2. Spring for Dee Dee Shortcake
  3. Get Well Adventure
  4. Berry, Merry Christmas
  5. Growing Better All The Time
  6. Horse of a Different Color
  7. Festival of the Fillies
  8. Here Comes Puppycorn
  9. Cassandra's Pet Peeve
  10. The Mystery of Seaberry Shore
  11. Legend of the Lost Treasure
  12. Connie Maheswaran in the Outfield
  13. Win Some, Lose Some
  14. Tambry's No-Light Night of Fright
  15. The Blueberry Beast
  16. The Play's the Thing
  17. The Costume Party
  18. The Friendship Club
  19. A Festival of Friends
  20. When the Berry Fairy Came to Stay
  21. The Legend of Kimi the Bobbleberry Fairy
  22. Baby Takes the Cake
  23. Piece of Cake
  24. Mind Your Manners
  25. Queen For A Day
  26. Everybody Dance
  27. Let's Dance
  28. It Takes Talent
  29. Playing To Beat The Band
  30. Dee Dee's Big Journey
  31. Around the Berry Big World
  32. Back In The Saddle
  33. Down On The Farm
  34. One Small Step
  35. The Good Mayor
  36. Toto's Tale
  37. Where The Gem Berries Glow
  38. Sleeping Beauty
  39. A Princess Named Rap
  40. Hooray For Berrywood!
  41. Lights... Camera...

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