Delete Delete is the skinnier of the two of Hacker's henchman, the other being Buzz. He is loyal to Hacker. Unlike Buzz, who is more rough around the edges, Delete is softer and more vulnerable to trickery and deceit. He cares deeply for three things: Buzz, whom he has a brotherly friendship with, his pet bunny George, and Zanko, his fairy borg father. Though Delete can still make simple mistakes, he becomes slightly more intelligent as the series progresses.

According to the Cyberchase website's newest game Buzz and Delete Save the Day, Buzz and Delete came from a cybersite called Botsopolis, led by a Delete-look-alike named Princess Deia (an obvious reference to Leia from Star Wars). In Hacker's earlier days, he bought robotic parts from that cybersite and constructed Buzz and Delete from them. Based on the dialogue all three characters share, it can be assumed that they both have a good relationship with her. Delete is charismatic, allowing him to trick the Cybersquad into following him at least twice.

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  • Delete is athletic but clumsy. He is called Dee-Dee by Buzz, who is his closest friend.
  • He has a fairy borg father, as seen in The Fairy Borg Father.
  • Delete adores bunnies.
  • Delete's catch phrase is,"I'm gonna love it (the bunny), and care for it, and call it George!"
  • Most fans of the show think Delete will eventually join the cybersquad and be a hero, but it never happened.
  • Delete seems sweeter more sometimes than Buzz.
  • Delete is very good at acting like he has pretended to act like Motherboard.
  • As revealed in the book The Search for the Power Orb, he doesn't have all his brain chips, presumably explaining his clumsiness and ditziness.
  • In the Brazilian dub, Delete was known as Deleto.
  • His appearances in the Stephen Squirrelsky and Friends' Movie Spoof Travels are The Rescuers Down Under where he, Buzz, Delete, Witched Witch, Gigabyte, Binky, Trashinator, and Ledge, along with The Meanies 80's, have tried to capture Tommy, only to be stopped by Stephen and his friends, and in Here Comes Winnie the Pooh, where he, his seven minions, and twenty seven other villains can't catch Stephen and his friends, and more appearances for him, Buzz, Delete, Witched Witch, Gigabyte, Binky, Trashinator, and Ledge will hopefully be in more.



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