Delilah Devinshire is one of the two main protagonists in Delilah and Julius. She is a young adult and has no parents; they have gone missing. For now, Julius Chevalier - the other protagonist - is the only family she has got, apart from Al Norman, Scarlett Vance, Emmit Shepard, Zoe Ling, and Buster Mikaelson, the other spies on the team at the Academy.

She has gotten very close to Julius throughout her adventures, and has tried to kiss him many times, though this is usually interrupted by Al. Other times, it has been Scarlet or Nosy.

She has gone on most missions that are called for by Al, the team's leader. These have all been with Julius, though they sometimes seperate in the middle of their missions; in one episode, Delilah is supposed to switch partners completely with Ursula - an ex-spy at the Academy who used to work with Emmit as a partner - and have Emmit as her partner. This, however, did not work out and Al switched them again.

Usually she only goes on partner missions, though if there is a very big problem(such as a couple villians teaming up)she will go with Nosy or Zoe as well as Julius, or maybe all three.

Through working at the Academy, she has proposed a disliking for the GIB - the Global Intelligence Bureau - and though she has to put up with some of the agents of this governmental group(such as one specific agent who shouts "FYI" all the time when he talks), she gets through it.

Because her parents have gone missing, her life is at the spy Academy as well as a goose chase for the last clue that could help her find them. She often wonders if she can ever get to see them in her lifetime, or if they are dead. She ponders to Al, too, asking him the last time he saw them and if it was the day they dissapeared. In one episode, Al answers with: "I have a couple files on my computer that have, like, my diary entries. They go back to, like, '77. Man, I used to write in it, like, all the time, man!" And when Al checks it out while Delilah's on a mission with Julius, Nosy, and Zoe, he says: "Hey, man, I checked out my diary on the computer, and, like, the file is gone, man! Like, completely erased!"

And also, in another episode on season two, Al and the head officer of the GIB find a time machine. Delilah yearns to go through it and see them, but she has one ingredient to yet drop into the mix: the Zero List, a microchip needed to access entry and therefore start up the time machine.

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