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Delivery Deborah "Debbie" is the owner of Debbie's Pizzeria and is an Odd Squad client.


Season 1

Season 2

  • "Show Me the Money"
  • "Odd Squad: The Movie"
  • "The Voice"
  • "Breakfast Club"
  • "Safe House in the Woods"
  • "Slow Day"


  • "Odd Squad: The Movie"


  • "Delivery Debbie’s: the best pizza you’ll find, call Delivery Debbie’s, we're four of a kind! Order today!”


  • In the episode "Safe House in the Woods", her ex-rival Delivery Doug reveals that her full name is "Delivery Deborah".
  • According to the Waffler in "Breakfast Club", her pizzeria is uptown.
  • She does not like pizza crust.
  • She is portrayed by Ashley Botting who also wrote the episode "Safe House in the Woods" which Debbie is in.
  • Although she has yet to make an appearance in season 3, her Pizzaria makes a cameo appearance in the intro of "The Thrill of the Face". Opal says it is her favorite pizza place.