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Dewitt is a frog from the 2007-08 Cookie Jar/Kid's WB TV series, Will and Dewitt. He is voiced by Richard Ian Cox.


He Played Stefano in Cartoon Network 3: Kids WB's Most Wanted

  • he is a Sea Lion

He Played Charlie in Heroes, Inc.

  • he is a blue monster with snail-like eyes and tentacles for arms that is the assistant of George Sanderson.

He Played Heimlich in A Heroes’ Life

  • he is a green caterpillar.

He Played Spike in Fred: Legend of the Seven Seas

  • he is a loyal pet dog.

He Played Morph in Treasure Planet (Hero Style)

  • he is a alien transformer.

He Played Sandman in Rise of the Humans

  • he is is the guardian of dreams.