Didi Pickles.jpg

She is Tommy's mother

She played Little John disguised as Fortune Teller in Ryder Hood

She played Delia Ketchum in Pokemon (Alvinluvr30 Style)

Voice Actors:

  1. Melanie Chartoff - English
  2. Sakiko Uran - Japanese
  3. Monica Manjarrez - Spanish
  4. Angiolina Gobbi - Italian
  5. Joanna Wegrzynowska - Polish


  • In RugKids, She is played by Princess Oriana


Didi Pickles' Animal Counterparts:

Didi Pickles as the Hippopotamus


Like everything hippo with a lady's head in the franchise, Didi Pickles is fat, her skin is light yellow, but in the belly, she is a little lighter than the rest of her body. She also has a triangular belly button. A running gag is that her huge size and weight causes many problems.

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