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Diego's mother is Diego, Alicia, and Daisy's mother who appeared on Go, Diego, Go!.

She is also the aunt of Dora, Isabella and Guillermo


Just like Diego's father, Diego's mother has phrases that encourage her son, such as "No hay que darse por vencido" (You must never give up) and "Nada puede separar a la familia" (Nothing can keep family apart). She appears to love Nico a lot because she almost always has her hands on her husband. Diego's mother really loves Diego and encourages her son on his animal rescues. The two worked together in a fierce animal rescue in Fiercest Animals. She's voiced by Olga Merediz (only in Diego Saves Baby Humpback Whale) and Karen June Sanchez in all her other appearances in Go Diego Go.


Diego's mother has peach-brown skin, brown eyes, and brown hair. She wears a yellow shirt with a tan vest, khaki cargo shorts, and blue shoes. In Dora the Explorer, she wore a purple t-shirt with a dark purple trim, magenta capris, and matching slippers.


She may be the sister of Dora's mother or father.