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Digit is a character from Cyberchase.

Digit played Mushu in Sally (Mulan)

Digit played Sneezy in Princess Peach and the Seven Animated

He is a Dwarf

Digit played Diaval the Raven in Cynderleficent

Digit played Doc in Sally White and the Seven Animal Kids

Digit played Iago in Peter Potamuladdin, Peter Potamuladdin 2: The Return of Discord and Peter Potamuladdin 3: The King of Thieves

He is Bird

Digit played Olaf in Frozen (Kids Style)

Digit played Francis in A Dr. Seuss's Life

He is a ladybug

Digit played SpongeBob in DigitBob BirdPants

Digit played Iago in Sonicladdin (Kids Style) and Rooladdin

Digit played Qwerty in CartoonTales

Digit played Bird Kuzco in The Mentor's New Groove

Digit played Heihei in Megara (Moana)

Digit played Petrie in The Land Before Time (BeautifulandWonderful Style)

Digit played Vorb in We're Back!: A Frog's Story

Digit played Fear in Inside Out (Timothy Batarseh style)


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