Dil (Rugrats)

Dil Pickles is a character from Rugrats. He is Tommy's brother.

Dil Pickles Played Gary in SpongeTommy SquarePickles

Dil Pickles Played Riff in Arthur & Friends (a.k.a Barney & Friends)

Dil Pickles Played Yasha Mousekewitz in An American Tail (WeLoveAnimation Style), An American Tail II: Tommy Goes West (WeLoveAnimation Style), An American Tail III: The Treasure of Manhattan Island (WeLoveAnimation Style) and An American Tail IIII: The Mystery Of The Night Monster (WeLoveAnimation Style)

Dil Pickles played Diamond Destiny in Legos (Storks)


  • Tommy Pickles (dad)
  • D.W. Read (mom)
  • Kate Read (sister)
  • Tyler (brother)


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