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Dimitri is the deuteragonist in Don Bluth's 1997 Film Anastasia


Dimitri played Maurice in beauty and the river spirit

He is Belle's father

Dimitri played Lumiere in Beauty and the Gorilla

He is a candelabra

Dimitri played Bernard in The Russians and The Russians Down Under

He is a mouse

Dimitri played Jim Crow in Cody (Dumbo)

He is a crow

Dimitri played chihiro' s father in mythical away

He is a father

Dimitri played Ziggy in The Castle Book

He is a vulture

Dimitri played Francis in Cody & Company

He is a bulldog

Dimitri played Rocky Rhodes in Russian Run

He is a rooster

Dimitri played Adult Simba in The Russian King

He is a lion

Dimitri played Kuzco in The Russian's New Groove

He is an emperor

Dimitri played Heimlich in A Knight's Life

He is a caterpillar

Dimitri played Quasimodo in The Russian of Notre Dame

He is a bell ringer

Dimitri played Happy in Cinderella and the Seven Heroes

He is a dwarf

Dimitri played George Darling in Taran Pan

He is Wendy, John and Michael's father

Dimitri played Adult Copper in The Chinese and the Russian

He is a coonhound

Dimitri played Woody in Human Story (Bruce Hogan Version) and Cartoon Story (Austin A) Style

He is a cowboy doll

Dimitri played the Peddler in Pookaladdin

Dimitri played Sir Pellinore in The Sword In The Stone (Bruce Hogan Version)

He is a knight

Dimitri played Alan in A Dragon in Central Park

Dimitri played Scat Cat in The AristoHumans (Bruce Hogan Style)

He is a cat

Dimitri played James in Prince Eric & Friends (Thomas & Friends)

He is a red steam engine

Dimitri played Bagheera in The Medieval Book

He is a panther

Dimitri played Li Shang in Anyalan

He is a Chinese warrior

Dimitri played Fa Zhou in Sakuralan and Sakuralan II

He is Mulan's father

Dimitri played Tarzan in Dimitrizan

He is an ape man

Dimitri played Prince Eric in The Little Mer-Russian

Dimitri played Dean McCoppin in The Iron Beast

Dimitri played himself in the Clash of the Links film series

He is pretty much the same character as he was before, but has become an partner to Taran.

Dimitri played Peregrin Took in the The Lord of the Rings (TheNamelessDoll Style)

Dimitri played Dr. Delbert Doppler in Treasure Planet (Bruce Hogan Style)

He is a dog/human hybrid

Dimitri played Hercules in Dimitricules

He is a God

Dimitri Played Satoshi In Pokemon (1962Movies Style)

Dimitri played Blu in Rio (Arthurrulez Style)

He is a Parrot

Dimitri played George of the Jungle in Dimitri of the Jungle

He is a Jungle Man

Dimitri played Balto in Dimitrito

He is a Wolf

Dimitri will play Prince Phillip in Sleeping Anya

He is the prince and Aurora's love interest

Dimitri will play Emmett Richmond in Legally Auburn

He is a Harvard student and the new love interest of Elle Woods

Dimitri will play Eddie Valiant in Who Framed Hubie Penguin

He is a detective