Narrator: Previously, on the Hokey Wolf Movie!

Jon Arbuckle: Here you go, wolfie! (gives Hokey a chocolate coin)

Hokey: Thanks!

Lanolin: Look, Hokey. Ding-a-Ling is here.

Hokey: (gasps) Ding Boy...

Lanolin: See? They already love each other.

Ding-a-Ling: (hiccups, then grabs Hokey's nose)

Lanolin: No, Ding-a-Ling! Stop playing with Hokey!

Ding-a-Ling: Okay.

Hokey: (gasps) My nose... Is it bleeding?

Ding-a-Ling: No, Hokey. I'm just...


Ding-a-Ling: AAAAAAHHH!


Kanga: Well, that's a start.

(4 weeks later...)

Bo: (carrying a still crying Ding-a-Ling) Lanolin, what are we gonna do?! He hasn't stopped crying since we brought a home! (cut to playpen)

Orson: Hokey, what happened to your sidekick?

Hokey: He's broked...

Sheldon: Broked!

Orson: Broked!?

All: Really broked?!!

Hokey: He's not broked. He's... (looks at Ding-a-Ling who's still crying) He's a little loud, that's all.

(A short while later...)

Ding-a-Ling: Yogi mine!

Hokey: Mine!

Ding-a-Ling: Mine!!

Bo: Wolves! What are you doing?! Ding-a-Ling, why don't you give Hokey a little turn with the bear? (takes the Yogi doll from Ding-a-Ling)

Ding-a-Ling: AAAAHH!

Bo: Or not. (gives the Yogi doll back to Ding-a-Ling)


Bo: Hey, mister...

Hokey: (gasps) You called me "mister"?!?

Bo: NO!!!

Ding-a-Ling: Ahhh... I love Yogi. (pulls the string from the Yogi doll's back)

Yogi Doll: Will you be my friend?

Ding-a-Ling: NO! (throws the Yogi doll on the floor, and the storm comes) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! AAAAH, AAAAAHH! AAAAAAHHH!

Hokey: (singing) Ding Boy, please! Rest your head?

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