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Dipper Pines is the main character from Gravity Falls.

He played Rigby in Regular Show (TongueSpeakingFool Style)

He played Mr. Pricklepants in Cartoon Story 3 (NicktoonFan124 Style) and Cartoon Story 4 (NicktoonFan124 Style)

He played Lightning McQueen in Toons (Cars) (J.B. Eagle and Kevin Snipe Productions Style), Toons 2 (Cars 2) (J.B. Eagle and Kevin Snipe Productions Style) and Toons 3 (Cars 3) (J.B. Eagle and Kevin Snipe Productions Style)

He played Ken in Toon Story 3 (YouTuber Pictures Style)

He played Benny in WoodyWorld. He is an Dog

He Played Buttercup in Toon Story 3 (2010) and Toon Story 4 (2019)

He played Tom in Talking Cartoons (TongueSpeakingFool Style). He is an Cat

He played Boss Cass in Mabel the Slightly Older Sister. Dipper is a southern cassowary

He played Aladdin in Dipper (Aladdin)

He played Andy Davis in Cartoon Animal Story (Zig Hyena Style) and Cartoon Animal Story 2 (Zig Hyena Style)

He played Oscar in Steven Universe Crossover Shark Tale

He played King K. Rool in Mabel Kong Country series. He is a Crockodile

He played Huckleberry Pie in Dee Dee Shortcake

He played Roper in Toons (Planes) (YouTuber Pictures Style)

He played Timon in The Pepperoni Pizza King

He played Sunset Shimmer in My Little Star (My Little Pony Equestria Girls), My Little Star: Rainbow Rocks He is an equestria girl.

as Dimitri in PaccificaStasia (1997)

He played Applejack in My Little Star: Friendship Games

He played Gloriosa Daisy in My Little Star: Legend of Bill Cipher

​He played Michael Jordan in Space Jam(Timothy Batarseh style)

He is a basketball player.

He played Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars (TheBrideQueen Style)

He played Horton in Dipper Hears a Cat

He played Leo in Animated Toon 5D's

He played Shaggy Rogers in Ami and Yumi (Scooby Doo)

  • He is Ami and Yumi's Best Friend

He played Carlo (Sesame Street) in Sesame Street (DaveGrrrrrrruly)

He played Jakob Beachy in Cold Case Toonime (Rotten Seeds Production)

S5E03 Running Around, he was Anna Gunden's friend (portrayed by Kari Kamiya) and a former Amish boy which enjoyed the city life and partying, causing him to be ex-commulgated from being an Amish. However, this new life of his was an opposite to what he feels right now; he does really missed his parents and wants to go back to them once again, but he cannot leave his partying life. Sadly, after Anna's mom visited her in the city and she want for her to live in the city, Jakob confronts her and felt being jealous that her mom visited her while he was not, that he wants to go back from being Amish again, and for only to do that, he wants to go back with her. But Anna already made up her mind that she wants to stay and continue her life on Rumspringa, which causes him to be enraged and pursuing her, but he stabbed Anna to death in the end. He was been arrested, but before he went to his cell, his parents appeared in the homicide office (portrayed by Grunkle Stan and Wendy Pines) just to see him again and embracess them for the last time once again.