Disneystyle172's TV-Spoof of 1998's Pokémon

Prince Phillip as Ash Ketchum

Timothy as Pikachu

Aurora as Serena

Dumbo as Pikachu

Simba as Bulbasaur

Bunga as Charmander

Stitch as Charmeleon

Baloo as Charizard

Sebastaian as Squirtle

Jiminy as Caterpie

Lumiere as Metapod

Tinker Bell as Butterfree

Marie as Chikorita

Duchess as Bayleef

Casey Jr as Cyndaquil

Johnny as Quilava

Nemo as Totodile

Snow White as Misty

Pascal as Togepi

Balto as Psyduck

Radio as Staryu

Cogsworth as Starmie

Arlo as Politoed

Dory as Goldeen

Aladdin as Brock

Oliver as Vulpix

Elliot as Onix

Genie as Geodude

Basil as Zubat

Petrie as Golbat

Batty as Crobat

Peter Pan as Tracey Sketchit

Flik as Scyther

Heimlich as Venonat

Flounder as Marill

Maleficent as Jessie

Ratcliffe as James

Rainbow Dash as Meowth

Kaa as Ekans

Snake Jafar as Arbok

Bruce as Koffing

Monstro as Weezing

Backson as Wobbuffet

Lotso as Victoribel

Stray Dogs.jpg

Stray Dogs and Wolves as Sparrows and Fearow


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