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Dixie is a character from The Fox & The Hound II. She's Cash's sweetheart.

Good or bad?

Dixie is good, but tomboyish saluki in this movie. She's a stranger, whom Cash has a crush on but currently Dixie is in love with Chief, that bad dog, who makes Cash too angry. She lives with her room-mate Zelda, who has become her new best friend.

She played Sarabi in The Scooby Doo King

She is a lioness

She played Hera in Scoobycules

She played Tantor's Mom in Scoobyzan

She is an elephant

She played Belle in Beauty & The Echidna

She is a girl who loves books

She played Rhonda in The Naked Cage (PrinceBalto Animal Style)

She is a helpful prison guard

She played The Wachati Princess in Charlie Barkin: When Nature Calls

She is an African princess

She played Martha May Whovier in How The Wolf Stole Christmas (2000)

She is a who

She played Asami Sato in The Legend Of Kate

She is a wealthy businesswoman

She Played Fiona (Ogre) Cash (Shrek)

she is a Ogre

She played Nana in Snow Dogs (PrinceBalto Style)

She is a Border collie

She played Laila in Roadside Garth

She is a singing Maltese 

She Played Mrs Thomas In Jumanji (Princebalto Style)

She is a Woman

She Played Ta-Min In Avatar The Last Airbender Animal Style

She is the wife of Avatar Roku and a resident of the Fire Nation.

She Played Swan Odette In The Red Haired Dog Princess

She is a Swan of The Evil Spel of Rothbart

She Played Applejack in My Little Pet Animal: Friendship is Magic

She is a Pony

She Played Click the Camera in Go, Lincoln, Go!


In The Wolf-Dog & The Hedgehog II- Dixie played by Tigress

In The Mouse and the Bear 2 Dixie played by Belle

Likes and dislikes


Singing with all stray dogs

Country music

Being catholic


Cash (formerly)