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Dodger is a character from "Oliver and Company".


Dodger played as The Collector in Dynamite's Cinematic Universe Guardians of The Galaxy

Tommy Picklesocchio played as Jiminy Cricket

He is a Cricket

Tramp the Red-Nosed Dog played as Donner

Dodger Pan and Dodger Pan in Return to Neverland played as Peter Pan

He is a Flying Boy

Perditahontas played as John Smith

Pokemon (400Movies Animal Style) Played as Ninja Gym Leader

He is a Ninja Gym Leader

Dinosaur King (1701Movies Style) Played the Father of Max

He is Taylor's Dad

Dinosaur King (396Movies Style) Played Jonathan

The Wizard of Oz (brucesmovies1 style) played as Professor Marvel

He is a Professor

Who Framed Dodger played as Roger Rabbit

He is a White Rabbit

Dodger (Shrek) played as Shrek

He is an ogre

Oliver Little played as Snowbell

He is a White Cat

Kim White and the Seven Dogs played as Sleepy

He is a dwarf

The AristoDogs played as Scat Cat

He is a Cat

Dodger the Dog (SatAM) played as Sonic

He is a hedgehog

Patch (Dumbo) played as Jim Crow

He is a Crow

Mewrella played as The King

He is a King

Skippy in New York played as Robert Shandling

He became the new mayor of New York

It's A Wonderful Life (brucesmovies1 style) played as Clarence Odbody

He is a Angel Second Class

Dodger and Oliver: The Movie played as Tom Cat

He is a Cat

Rita Poppins played as Bert

He is a Man

Ash the Pokemon Trainer & Friends played as Duck the Great Western Engine

The Iron Baloo played as Dean McCoppin

Orinoladdin, Orinoladdin 2: The Return of Baron Greenback and Orinoladdin 3: The King of Thieves played as Magic Carpet

He is a Flying Carpet

Orinocules played as Pegasus

He is a Flying Horsce

He played Verne in Over the Animals' Hedge (DinosaurKingRockz Style)

He is a turtle

The Rescuers Down Under (Disney and Sega Animal Style) played as Wilbur

He is a bird

He played Tom in Dodger and Jib

He is a cat

He Played Mufasa In The Tramp King

He is Simba's Father

Avatar The Last Airbender NuclearZeon Animal Style Played as Tyro

He is an earthbending father

Jumanji (Dodger'sPartyFan2570 Style) Played as Sam Parrish

He is the Bos of The Parrish Shoes

Ritarella Played as Prince Charming

He is a Prince

The Rescuers (brucesmovies1 style) and The Rescuers Down Under (brucesmovies1 style) Played as Bernard

He is a mouse

The Frog of Notre Dame Played as Clopin

He is a Gypsy

The Rescuers Down Under (Nikkdisneylover8390 Style) Played as Jake

He is a Kangaroo Mouse

The Little Seinfeld Played as Max

He is a dog

Dodger's Great Adventure: The Movie Played as Barney

He is a dinosaur

The Dodger and Pals Show Played as Dooley

Dog Story Played as Woody

He is a cowboy doll

Hocus Pocus (brucemovies1 style) Played Binx (Cat)

Dodgerington he played as Paddington Bear

Scarlett O'Hara in Wonderland he played as The Doorknob